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Cadenza is a modern craft furniture that boldly brings out the vitality of “trees”. It is born from the fusion of modern design with a new concept that is not confined to existing furniture design and the unique craftsmanship that is created by “hands of craftsmen”. Cadenza has a simple design, but has a dynamic and presence that feels the vitality of wood. 

Cadenza is an Italian word that is a brilliant decorative piece inserted just before the end of a song so that soloists and soloists can perform their feats. 

カデンツァは「木」の活力を大胆に引き出すモダンなクラフト家具です。 モダンなデザインと、既存の家具デザインに留まらない新しいコンセプトと、「職人の手」が生み出す独特の職人技との融合から生まれました。 カデンツァはシンプルなデザインですが、木の活力を感じる躍動感と存在感があります。 



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