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Sasaki Crafts is a woodworking craft maker in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Many wooden miscellaneous goods full of attention and playfulness by craftsmen of the woodworking town Asahikawa. Engaging in making small wooden items and wooden crafts, makes full use of the woodworking technology accumulated over 40 years, and cooperates with various manufacturers, research institutes, specialists, designers, and other “professionals” to create Sasaki. It is a craft product brand.

We make products that people around the world feel "joy," "impression," and "comfort."
We appreciate the bounty of the forest and the encounter with people, and aim for coexistence and co-prosperity.

小さな木工品や工芸品を手がける佐々木工芸は、は北海道旭川市にある木工工芸メーカーです。 木工の町・旭川の職人によるこだわりと遊び心あふれる木工雑貨がたくさん。 小さな木工品や木工品を作り、40年以上蓄積された木工技術を駆使し、さまざまなメーカー、研究所、スペシャリスト、デザイナーなどの「プロ」と協力して佐々木を創り上げています。 工芸品ブランドです。



Sasaki Kogei

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