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Entrusting new value to furniture and interior products from a global perspective
KOEKI is a trading and manufacturing company of residential and office furniture. Established in 1974 and based in Kiyosu City, Nagoya, we make full use of overseas and our own domestic factories to provide one-stop service from product development to manufacturing and logistics.

UTILITY by KOEKI has a lineup of various high-quality furniture that is reasonably priced with a universal appeal and innovative ideas. We offer things that make your days fun and enriched by adding a few things to what you already have.

Most home furniture is manufactured in factories overseas such as China, Taiwan and Vietnam. And many are areas that are a major hub for producing furniture around the world. Trends and technologies from all over the world are gathered there and used as know-how for product development. Products are tested as necessary to check if they have sufficient strength and quality.

KOEKIは、住宅およびオフィス家具の貿易および製造会社です。 1974年創業、名古屋市清須市を拠点に、海外工場と自社工場を駆使し、商品開発から製造・物流までワンストップで対応しています。

コエキのユーティリティは、普遍的な魅力と革新的なアイデアを手頃な価格で提供するさまざまな高品質の家具をラインナップしています。 私たちは、あなたがすでに持っているものにいくつかのことを加えることによって、あなたの日々を楽しく豊かにするものを提供します。