Bathtub Cleaner SC-1000

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Capacity: 1 liter
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It does not contain any environmental hormones or petroleum distillates and is non-irritating to the skin and safe for the human body. Strongly cleans the surface of dirt such as fat and protein adhering to the wooden bath from the surface. A safe cleaning solution that has passed the standards of the US public sector.

It is safe for the human body and the environment and can be maintained daily without damaging the tree.
It contains no environmental hormones or petroleum distillates, is non-irritating to the skin, and safe for the human body.
It strongly cleans the surface of dirt such as fat and protein adhering to the wooden bath from the surface.
A safe cleaning solution that has passed the standards of the US public sector.

<How to use>

Stock solution 1: Take a solution diluted with 20 parts of water on a sponge, apply it to a wooden bath wet with water, and wash it.
After washing, rinse with water.
* Since it is safe for the human body, no special equipment such as a mask or gloves is required.

<Strong cleaning and degreasing>

SC-1000 is a powerful cleaning and degreasing agent for organic stains (grease, oil, fat, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.) on the surface of any object that can be washed with water. A cleaning liquid.
SC-1000 is a special cleaning liquid made from a uniquely developed plant surfactant, precipitation inhibitor, etc., instead of conventional detergents and petroleum-based solvents.
The unique scrubbing action of the SC-1000 keeps dirt and fats and other contaminants away from the surface and keeps them finely separated by continuous activity at the atomic level. It is possible to remove more than 99.99% of organic substances by thoroughly washing this.

<Safe for human body and environment>

SC-1000 does not contain toxic substances such as endocrine disrupters and petroleum distillates.
It is also non-irritating to the skin, non-evaporative, smokeless, non-flammable and does not react with chemicals, so it is safe for the human body. Furthermore, SC-1000 has a low BOD and COD, and immediately and thoroughly microbially decomposes it, while at the same time promoting microbial decomposition of organic waste such as oil and fat, so it does not cause environmental damage but rather cleans the environment. I will.

<Prevention of surface oxidation (corrosion / rust)>

Conventional cleaning solutions such as detergents, surfactants and solvents will damage the surface of metals, paints, rubbers, etc. due to chemical reactions during cleaning.
However, SC-1000 prevents and protects the surface from oxidation (corrosion and rust), so cleaning and applying it regularly can dramatically extend the life of the surface and equipment. I can do it.
As far as we know, SC-1000 is the only cleaning fluid in the world that can be used as an antioxidant.


Eye contact may cause a slight irritation. In that case, rinse with water.
Washing with a highly concentrated diluent may cause discoloration or fading.

<Frequently Asked Questions and Answers>

● SC-1000 is a name like a vitamin preparation. What is it?
The product name of the cleaning solution made by GEMTEKR of the United States using 100% plants as raw materials. It is the most friendly to people and the global environment, yet has a strong degreasing power. SC of SC-1000 is an abbreviation for SAFE CARER.

● I think there are many other products featuring plant characteristics. What is the difference?
As you say, there are many products made of plant materials in the world, but like SC-1000, it is safer to extract only the most suitable components for the cleaning solution and to improve the stability (purification degree). It's not easy.

● Are there other features that can be differentiated?
Although rare, the California Air Conservation Bureau has issued a "certification" to SC-1000 that it is a safer cleaning solution. In the background, the University of California (UCLA), with the help of the National Trucking Association, has conducted a one-year field test and reported that the SC-1000's performance was the most effective among other competing products. There is. In addition, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDOA) has approved SC-1000, SC-2000, and SC-4000 as 1A class which is the safest grade in the field of detergent. In the United States, it is actually used for removing pesticides from tomato, which is the raw material for ketchup.

● What does it mean to be earth-friendly?
It may not be toxic to organisms other than humans, but the most important feature is that it is extremely biodegradable. It is a problem now that the components of the cleaning agent will remain in that form forever if they flow out into nature. High biodegradability means that it is easily decomposed (eaten) by ordinary bacteria found in nature, and SC-1000 is almost 100% decomposed.

● I see, the SC-1000 can be used for multiple purposes.
That's right. The SC-1000 can be used wherever water is available.

● Is there a bactericidal effect?
You should think that it has a sterilizing effect. Although there is data that the SC-1000 component itself is effective against bacteria, we would like you to understand that it has a high disinfection performance that exerts a powerful cleaning power against fungi.

● Are there any other unique features?
SC-1000 is said to have the function of neutralizing allergens in cats and dogs' fleas and ticks, and in the feces. It is also a mysterious feature, but it also has the property of enveloping odors and is used to wipe and wash cages at veterinary hospitals and pet stores. Recently, pets are often kept in the house, but even if the pet is in a rough phase, it will be very convenient because the smell like a lie will disappear by wiping it with SC-1000.

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