Calze Table Lamp

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E17 40W (Bulb not included)
2 Pin (Adapter required in Singapore)
Wood (Rubber wood), fabric, steel
QC in JAPAN, Made in CHINA
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Calze Table Lamp

A cute style night lamp with socks on.

Fashionable white socks are attached to delicate legs, and exquisite imbalance with a slightly larger shade is accented with a simple design. Match natural fabrics with fabrics for a natural and modern impression. Light spilling from the top and bottom of the shade creates shadows, creating a three-dimensional effect in the space. Small size, recommended as a bedside night lamp and a second light in the living room.

Beige and Gray have different base wood colors.


What color of light do you spend in your room before going to sleep at night?

Since its establishment more than 25 years ago, Di Classe has been proposing a “night lamp” that emits a soft range light before sleep.

When you are exposed to a strong white light such as a fluorescent light, the sympathetic nerves are stimulated, become active like the daytime, and are not ready to sleep resting.
On the other hand, the orange light from the incandescent bulb works on the parasympathetic nerves and relaxes the mood.
For example, when we look at the sunset or the bonfire, the reason why our hearts are calm is because it is genetically engraved in our brain that "the orange light gives us peace of mind." Did you know that the lights before you go to sleep affects your good night's sleep?
Melatonin, a body substance that is said to be effective in improving insomnia, is said to be secreted in large amounts by being exposed to bright light in the morning and in a calm light like the sunset.

By creating an orange light in the room, the night lamp is designed with the expectation of such an effect that the body rhythm is adjusted and a comfortable sleep is obtained.

Sunset and melatonin


■ Material: Wood (rubber wood), steel, fabric
■ Size: Overall: Diameter 20 x Height 23.7 (cm)
Shade: Diameter 20 x Height 14 Base: Diameter 14.3 (cm)
■ Switch, cord: With ON / OFF switch (Intermediate switch) White cord
■ Color: Beige (beige shade + natural wood base), Gray (light gray shade + brown wood base)
■ Light socket: E17 40W Incandescent mini bulb (Frost)
*LED bulb can be used.
■ Weight: Approximately 0.55kg

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