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  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
  • CODAMA Chair
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45 cm
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A favorite chair placed by the window where light shines. Another landscape created by the gentle shadows that is projected outside the window and overlaps with the shimmer. The backrest of the frame that spreads out like a twig is comfortable to fit the curve of the back. It is also easy to handle for slim and light women and children. The appearance of this chair transforms the usual dining table into a stylish cafe, making the tea party and whispering inviting guests more enjoyable. You can choose from a rich lineup of 11 colors.

光の射しこむ窓辺に置かれたお気に入りのイス。窓の外にそよぐこもれびと重なるようにして映しだされる、その優しい影が作り出すもうひとつの風景。小枝のように広がったフレームの背もたれは、背中のカーブに合った座り心地の良さ。スリムで軽いく女性やお子様にも扱いやすいのも特徴です。このチェアの佇まいが、いつもの食卓を、まるでおしゃれなカフェのように変身させてくれて、お客様を招いてのティーパーティーやウチ呑みをより愉しいものにしてくれます。 張地は11色の豊富なラインナップからお選びいただけます。


The designer who created this stylish chair was Mr. Kunikun Okabe. After designing architectural designs, in 1990 he founded Jirkus, which he presided over, and has been working on various designs and product planning for furniture. In 2011, the CO / DA / MA series launched in collaboration with Taisetsu Woodworking Co., Ltd., quickly became a popular product due to its design and ease of use. Even if you don't like furniture, you can't help but be attracted to the elegant form that you can call “designer's furniture”.
With this chair, your usual dining table is transformed into a stylish cafe. A tea party or a whiskey drink inviting customers is likely to be fun. What is common to the lineup is the design of the frame, which still has a unique atmosphere. A backrest that imitates the concept of "twigs", a fan-shaped frame under the legs that softens all straight lines ... A stylish chair that feels nature and at the same time has an urban scent.

このチェアさえあれば、いつもの食卓が、まるでおしゃれなカフェのように変身。お客様を招いてのティーパーティーやウチ呑みが愉しくなりそう。 ラインナップに共通しているのは、やはり独特の雰囲気を持つフレームのデザイン。コンセプトである“小枝”を模した背もたれ、すべての直線をやわらげてくれる脚下の扇形のフレーム…大自然を感じ、同時に都会的な香りも漂わせる粋なチェアです。


  • kdc02.jpg

    As light as possible while retaining strength .
    Not only chairs but also furniture with wasted volume make the room look narrow and obstruct the flow line, so even if it is stylish, it becomes inconvenient to use and eventually becomes an obstacle. However, this chair combines slimness and strength with the combination of precise design, craftsmanship, and carefully selected materials. It is also light and easy to handle for women and children. Furniture is not cheap, so I want to choose it carefully and stay with it for a long time.

    強度を持たせたまま 可能な限り軽量化。

  • kdc03.jpg

    Discerning design characteristic backrest.
    The backrest of the frame, which spreads out like a twig, is designed to fit the curve of the back, enhancing comfort. Such a unique design is appealing, but I tend to hesitate to choose if I get tired of it. But this chair is Scandinavian but has a Japanese taste, so it's easy to fit in any room. It will become more and more familiar with each other over the years as they release their individuality.

    こだわりのデザイン 特長的な背もたれ。

  • kdc04.jpg

    NC 10 color variations with a nice touch .
    The fabric is “NC” from “Ribaco”. A 70% acrylic + 30% wool fabric that is durable and plain weave. Please choose from a rich lineup of 10 colors. In addition, the tree species is a popular walnut with deep brown. Enhance the texture and color of the fabric. In order to protect the material from dirt and scratches without impairing the texture of the tree and the beauty of the grain, it is finished with urethane paint.

    肌触りの良いN.C 10色のバリエーション。


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