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  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
  • CODAMA Sofa
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174 cm
84 cm
72 cm
39 cm


The sofa is modeled on the back with the concept of the CODAMA series, a birch twig motif in Hokkaido. It can be arranged in the middle of the room and enjoy the arrangement of showing the back, etc., and it is active as a partition between dining and fashionable. A stylish ottoman that enhances the sofa atmosphere. It has a sense of size and stability that you can't just put your feet on. It can also be used as a cafe table with chairs and trays for customers. The fabric is durable plain weave with 70% acrylic and 30% wool. There are 11 colors in abundance, so you can choose according to your preference



Think of it as a sofa with a standard design, and the elbow rest is framed diagonally. These little accents do not let the viewer get bored, shining a personality that is exactly what you can call “designers' furniture”.
The designer who created this stylish sofa is Mr. Kokuni Okabe. After designing architectural designs, in 1990 he founded Jirkus, which he presided over, and has been working on various designs and product planning for furniture. In 2011, the CO / DA / MA series launched in collaboration with Taisetsu Woodworking Co., Ltd., has become a popular product despite its new design due to its design and ease of use.
What is common to the lineup is the irregularly and exquisitely calculated frame design. The concept is a deep gem that you can also see the cuteness that you can nod the “branch”. The moment you put this sofa in your living room, your room will be gorgeous. And they are likely to take over the customer's topic.



Normally, the back of the sofa fits snugly against the wall, but you'll want to show this nice back. Why don't you place it in the middle of your room like a living room that appears in an overseas drama? At first glance, the lattice looks disjointed, but of course we are pursuing a beautiful way to assemble and have arrived at this design. The invisible commitment is unmatched by other sofas.



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    It can be used for tables with a large size .
    A stylish ottoman that enhances the sofa atmosphere. It has a sense of size and stability that you can't just put your feet on. Even adult men can sit down comfortably, so they seem to be active as cafe tables with customer chairs and trays. Please enjoy the Ottoman's charm that you can understand for the first time. It is said that blood circulation is promoted when you sit with your feet raised high, and to eliminate swelling and cold.

    大きめサイズで テーブルにも使える。

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    All cushions can be removed and washed.
    The fabric is a product called NC of domestic manufacturer "Ribaco". A 70% acrylic + 30% wool fabric that is durable and plain weave. And all fabrics can be removed and washed. If your little child spills juice, don't panic anymore. Because it is a material that increases the flavor as you use it, please wash it steadily. There are 10 colors in abundance, so you can choose according to your preference.

    クッションはすべて 外して洗えます。

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    Three points for a rich living room.
    Both the sofa and the ottoman are walnuts that are popular for their deep brown. The excellent material that complements the texture and color of the fabric is an excellent material. And the carefully applied urethane paint protects the material from dirt and scratches without compromising the texture of the tree or the beauty of the grain. The legs are thin and light with a sense of stability, and it is nice to see the room clearly. Please choose ottoman with stylish legs and cushion of the same material.

    3点揃えて 充実のリビングに。


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