FLOW Plate L

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  • FLOW Plate L
  • FLOW Plate L
  • FLOW Plate L
  • FLOW Plate L
  • FLOW Plate L
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21 cm
21 cm
2 cm


You can feel the vegetables that are just sprinkled with salt and olive oil, not "just a quick meal", but "a dish that tastes the deliciousness of the material itself in a merciful way". I can be close to such a rich and comfortable life. Made thin, delicate and delicate.

The SAKUZAN FLOW series makes the material stand out and makes you feel special as well as the refreshingness of cobalt blue and the tenderness of vanilla color. I want to combine various materials, I want to try what kind of charm the material has, Please spend a little polite time with this SAKUZAN FLOW series.

お塩とオリーブオイルをかけただけのお野菜を 「ただそれだけの手抜き料理」ではなくて、 「素材そのものがもつ美味しさを慈悲深く味わうお料理」 だと感じることができる。 そんな豊かなゆとりある暮らしに 寄り添うことができるうつわ。 手びねりで薄く、繊細に作られた SAKUZAN FLOWシリーズは そのコバルトブルーのさわやかさも、バニラ色の優しさも、 素材を際立たせて特別なものとして感じさせてくれます。 いろんな素材を合わせたくなる、 その素材がどんな魅力があるのか試したくなる、 ちょっと丁寧に過ごす時間を このSAKUZAN FLOWシリーズと共に味わってください。

[Precautions in use]

・ When using for the first time, please be sure to wash it with water or lukewarm water.
・ Please remove dirt after use early and keep it well after drying.
・ When overlapping, scratching is not done by the kindness that sandwiches thin paper between one sheet
・ Abrasive detergents, abrasive detergents, cleansers, metal scrubs, etc. may be scratched if rubbed strongly, so avoid using them and wash them with a soft sponge.
・ Dishwasher can be used, but excessive stuffing may cause damage. Please be careful.
・ Even with microwave oven products that can be used, use for a long time or use with a high W number, heating of foods with juice or greasy food, use immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator where temperature changes rapidly Do not use it as it may cause cracks or cracks.
・ Please avoid using it with firewood and open flames.
・ If any cracks or cracks occur, please discontinue use for safety.
・ We are processing the bottom, but if it is turned over and it is rough, let it be lightly rubbed smooth with fine paper sandpaper. Also, the table may be scratched, so please do not drag the vessel.

We value the natural texture of earthenware and hand-craft one item per item. Therefore, the expression of how much glaze is applied is different one by one. Crystals of penetration and glaze may be seen. It may be discolored if it is immersed in water or hot water, but it has no relation to the quality because it is a feature of glaze (glaze).


・食器洗い機はご使用頂けますが、詰め込みすぎは破損の原因となります。ご注意ください。 ・金線や金彩を使った商品は電子レンジをご使用頂けません。

土ものの自然な風合いを大切に、一品一品を手づくりしています。 そのため、釉薬のかかり具合など表情がひとつひとつ全てちがいます。 いろいろなうつわの景色をお楽しみいただければと思います。 ※貫入や釉薬の結晶が見られる場合がございます。水、お湯等に浸した場合、変色することがありますがうわぐすり(釉薬)の特徴ですので品質には関係ありません。


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