Lourdes Air Boots Massager AX-HXL206

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Lourdes Air Boots Massager AX-HXL206

A boot type, five-footed, six-tiered air bag massages the entire foot from the sole to the calf. The built-in heater allows you to warm your feet from the bottom of the foot, and it provides total care for the feet. Also for people who are easy to get cold in cold weather. Up to 5 air bags per foot are built up to the instep, heel and calf. It massages while squeezing the whole foot by independent movement each. There is also a built-in heater which allows you to care for your entire cold foot for comfortable warmth.

Purpose of use or effect: Massage / Recovery from fatigue. Use in general home. (Improve circulation and relieve fatigue, tired muscles, muscles stiffness, muscle pain, neuralgia, etc.)

  • 12 layers of airbags massage the entire foot in 10 places while warming the soles of the feet

  • Massage from the heel to the calf with an 8-layer airbag, and wrap around the instep with a 4-layer airbag. The soles of the feet have a built-in heater to make them stretch while warming.

  • The comfort is doubled with the "Shiatsu-ball" that can be put in and out of the upper part of the calf (* 2 places). "Air capsule" shiatsu that feels good on your feet.

  • Easy to put on and take off ♪ Boot type that can be worn quickly. Front zipper makes it easier to wear.
  • Easy remote control operation - You can use the remote control to easily operate the three strengths that you can choose according to your foot size and taste, and the three courses that you can choose from squeezing, sole concentration, and quick.
  • Since it is self-supporting, you can leave it alone. Open toe for breathability. With a pocket that can store the remote control neatly. Stretchable microfiber fabric.


■ Material: Body: PP resin, urethane foam
Body fabric: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Massage part: 100% polyester
■ Power supply: AC 100V (50/60Hz) (note: need voltage converter; Japan 2-pin)
■ Power consumption: 16W (heater 3W)
■ Heater maximum temperature: Approx. 50°C or less
■ Automatic off timer: Approx. 15 minutes (only the quick course stops in about 10 minutes)
■ Supported size: Foot size: Approx. 27cm or less / Calf circumference: Approx. 42cm or less
■ Accessories: AC adapter, two shiatsu balls

Size and Weight
■ Body: Both feet: Approx. W220 x L280 x H500 mm / Approx. 2kg
right foot: Approx. W110 x L280 x H500 mm / Approx. 1.2kg (including control box remote control)
left foot: Approx. W110 x L280 x H500 mm / Approx. 0.8kg
■ Power cord length: Approx. 1.8m
■ Remote control code length: 230mm from the pocket

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