Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment

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  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment
  • ルルド フェイスメイクエステ (頭)
  • ルルド フェイスメイクエステ (デコルテ)
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Lourdes Face Makeup Beauty Treatment AX-KXL5260 

[23 Electrode Needles]
Each one sinks into the skin due to its unique electrode needle shape, making it feel like never before. By changing the height of the needle, we realized a curve design to fit the whole body.

[Electrode Head]
New technology electrode head with a small turn that goes into the details. You can also pinpoint difficult-to-care areas such as constriction lines and dimples.

EMS that stimulates tension areas .... Muscles are stimulated in a wide range and in multiple layers by random electrical flow using 23 electrode needles and electrode heads.
[What is EMS] This is a technology that allows you to train regardless of your will by sending a weak current through your muscles.

Warm feeling RF that warms up from the deep part of the skin ..... The warm feeling RF (radio wave) provides a more comfortable and effective treatment from the inside of the skin.
*To the stratum corneum

Because it is waterproof (IPX5), it can be used with confidence even on wet faces.

Cordless specification equipped with a lithium ion rechargeable battery. It can be used 50 times with one charge.

AC 100V-240V adapter. *Outside of Japan, please purchase the conversion plug according to the country or region.


■ Material: Body, Arm: Polycarbonate
Ball: Polycarbonate (White part), ABS + Chrome plating (Silver part)
■ AC adapter rating: Input: AC100V-240V (50/60Hz) 0.2A Output: DC 5V 1A
■ Timer: 3 minutes auto-off
■ Battery used: Lithium ion rechargeable battery 3.7V 1100mAh
■ Number of charging: Approx. 300 times
■ Operating environment temperature and humidity: +10~40℃, 10~85% RH
■ Charging time: Approx. 90 minutes
■ Continuous use time: Approx. 150 minutes *RF mode
■ Mode: EMS only / Warm RF only / Both EMS + Warm RF can be used
■ Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable

Size and Weight
■ Body size: Approx. W130 × L275 × H80 mm
■ Body weight: Approx. 260g
■ USB cable: Approx. 1.5m

Made in Japan with peace of mind.


Please do not use for the following conditions:
■ Person with neuropathy of the face, skin perception disorder, allergic predisposition / skin disease and atopic dermatitis, person with sensitive skin
■ Person who has undergone embedded surgery such as metal, silicon, plastic on the face by fracture, reshape etc.
■ Person who can not be aware of heat
■ Person who use embedded (planted) embedded and wearable medical electrical equipment (such as pacemakers and electrocardiographs)
■ Person who have skin problems such as contact dermatitis, etc.
■ Person with metal allergy
■ Person with temporomandibular disorder

Please consult with your doctor before using.
■ Person with anxiety on skin
■ Person with malignancy
■ Person with heart disorder
■ Person from unstable period of early pregnancy to immediately after childbirth
■ Person with perceptive disorder due to high peripheral (treetop) circulatory failure due to diabetes, etc.
■ Person of body temperature 38°C or more
■ Person with abnormal blood pressure, facial neuralgia
■ Person who received implant treatment
■ Person with osteoporosis

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