Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D

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  • Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D
  • Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D
  • Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D
  • Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D
  • Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion 3D
  • ルルドプレミアム マッサージクッション 3Dもみ AX-HCL310(10周年記念モデル)
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Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion AX-HCL310 [10th Anniversary Model]

New sense of unprecedented three-dimensional fir feeling.
Achieving a three-dimensional firs feel that works up and down and left and right and moves forward and backward.

  • Swing arm fits subtle curves of body and massages at optimal position.
  • Equipped with 3D fir®, another level of fir comfort.
  • Fits body with swing arm - The fir balls move along the subtle curves of the body. Massage the optimal position at all times to relieve stiffness.

Wider and deeper.  In addition to the complex movements of up, down, left, and right, four fir balls that work back and forth provide a three-dimensional fir feel.

Wide and precise massage - Reconstruction of fir unit design from scratch. It is a complex movement that is completely different from the circular motion fir ball *, and pursues the comfort that was not found in conventional massage cushions. * Compared to our company

Upside down Downside down

Enhanced new functions - Built-in heater that simulates the warmth of human hands. Cover with batting that can adjust the strength of fir. The cover is fixed with the power of a magnet, and can be used without worrying about unevenness.

By using the top and bottom properly, the "fir position" and the "fir feeling" change, and the stiffness of the back, hips and hips is relieved.

Superb relaxation with three-dimensional firs - Simply apply to the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, back, thighs, calves, and other parts that are too stiff. Because it fits the body, you can experience a three-dimensional firs feel.

  • Comes with a convenient to carry hand grip.
  • Washable cover - The cushion cover can be removed for washing. You can always keep it clean.
  • Automatic off timer - With a timer that automatically stops in about 15 minutes. It is a safe and secure design.


■ Material: Body: ABS resin, POM, PA66
Inner cover: polyester, polyester + nylon
■ Body Rated voltage: DC 12V
■ Power supply: 100V 50/60Hz
■ Power consumption: 22W (heater 8W)
■ Heater temperature: 45°C or less
■ Timer: 15 minutes automatic off
■ Accessories: AC adapter

Size and Weight
■ Body size: Approx. W380 × L380 × H150 mm
■ Weight: Approx. 2.5kg
■ Power cord: Approx. 2m


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