MOARE H+ Pendant Light

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Approx. 400g
Beech, Walnut, Oak
Clear Matte Paint (Beech, Walnut), Black Matte Paint (Black)
LED Bulb (40W Base E17)
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MOARE H+ Pendant Light

Designer: Heikki Ruoho (Finland)

MOARE H+ Table Stand Light is a new style table stand based on Scandinavian simplicity taking reference from Japanese lanterns designed by Finland's designer Heikki Ruoho. Based on the texture of the wood, it is an interior light combining the Scandinavian simplicity. It features a minimalist style that doesn't get tired in any age, and the soft and calm light like from the paper lantern creates a beautiful contrast. The flat pack design has given the package an original design, it is 2007 Olive Craft Design Gold Award Winner.

*Only use designated LED bulbs. Do not use incandescent or fluorescent lamps. It may cause a fire.

A soft light by a Finnish designer.

The moment when the day is over and you sneak into your bed is a blissful moment that cannot be changed. Until you fall asleep, you will often read a book or do some research online. Even in such a case, this "H +" pendant gives you a soft light that does not disturb your mood. The maker is Kakinoshita Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1957 in Hida Takayama, which is famous for producing woodwork furniture. In 2007, "Moire" was born as a brand of wooden lighting. The design is very stylish while inheriting the traditional heart and technique that lives in Hida furniture. The designer is Mr. Heikki Luoho from the popular Scandinavian Finland, a dish with a mysterious and Japanese taste.

H + pendant

The synergistic effect of the warmth of natural wood and the beauty of light.

Clear light is required for office lighting, but at home, it needs to be soft and comfortable. Moire lighting is warm because it is based on natural wood, while its stylish design gives us comfort. These products were created with the hope that they will value products based on such attractiveness and help the people who use them to live a rich life. Please enjoy the relaxing time under the high quality light.

H + pendant

A simple design based on the Japanese "andon".

Despite being designed by a Finnish designer, the design is reminiscent of Japanese lanterns. The simple and lean design has something in common with Scandinavian furniture. The light bulb is an LED, and the specification is 40W / base E17, which is a general model, so you can purchase it at a mass retailer near you when you replace it. In addition, the LED light emits almost no ultraviolet rays that insects approach or heat that causes fading of clothes, so you can continue to use it safely without worrying about fire.

H + pendant

A graceful line where you can feel the warmth of natural wood.

The material of the stand is 3 types and 4 colors. Colorless and black are available for "Nara", which is easy to get used to with grayish brown and has a strong grain of wood. And "Walnut", which has a mature and stylish atmosphere with deep and chic colors, and "Maple", which has a white grain and a discreet grain. All of them are famous trees that have been used for high-class furniture all over the world since ancient times. High quality urethane is carefully painted and finished so as not to spoil the goodness of such famous wood.

H + pendant

Perfect for gifts, delivered in a compact case.

When you receive this product, you will be surprised at how it looks like a simple attache case. The shade is made of a material called "Warlon sheet", and since Japanese paper is sandwiched between vinyl chloride resin, it looks like it can be wiped with water. Moreover, it is durable, long-lasting, hard to burn, and has excellent safety. This shade is folded and stored, so the figure in a thin case is perfect for a smart gift. It is easy to assemble and can be disassembled just by removing the knob.

 ■ Because it is handmade, depending on the situation it may take up to 3 weeks to complete the product.
■ Because we are using natural materials, there are some differences in actual color, texture, size.
■ Depending on the characteristics of wooden materials, depending on the passage of time and the use environment, sunburn discoloration and warping may occur. Please refrain from using it especially at the window where the direct sunlight hits or the place where the wind of the air conditioner hits directly.
■ When the product becomes dirty, please clean with a squeezed dry wet cloth followed by wiping off moisture with a dry cloth.
■ The actual product may look different from the color pattern shown in the product photo.


Designer: Heikki Ruoho

Born in 1969, his nationality is Finland, an industrial and furniture designer. He has been active as a freelance designer since 1997 and established a design office in 2003. He has won various competitions and is holding a solo exhibition. He always thinks about "what the product is for and how it is used" when designing.

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