S$2,573.22 - S$3,025.96

MOBEL Hug Dining Table

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  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
  • MOBEL Hug Dining Table
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S$2,573.22 - S$3,025.96


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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 2 months for delivery.
140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 180cm
White Ash+Walnut
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Mobel Toko / Hug Dining Table

A bright white table will give you a fresh start today.

Introducing the dining table, the "HUG" series from MOBEL Touko, which will make your usual breakfast fresh and delicious.
The white top is made of a material called "White Ash", the calm white rather than pure white has an adult atmosphere. The wood is heavy and durable, making it a popular material for furniture as well as baseball bats and boat oars. It is also used in musical instruments such as guitars because of its beautiful low- and high-range resonance, making it a versatile material.
A deep brown Walnut that contrasts with the white color is used as an accent for a stylish finish.

The contrast between black and white looks good.The materials White Ash and Walnut are generously made from solid wood. However, with the Walnut threaded in the middle, a smaller plate can be used compared to the large single plate that is usually used for a table, so the price could be held down. Seven pieces of solid wood, including the sides, are carefully joined together to create a beautiful top plate. Please enjoy the luxurious time that you can enjoy the solid feeling unique to solid wood with your daily meals.

A beautiful curve is a proof of certain technology. The top of the table is at the same height as the eyes of a small child, so there is a lot of danger, but such a table seems to minimize injury. In addition, the large rounded corners are soft enough to be enchanted and soften the sharp form. The wood grain on the beautiful side that you can enjoy because it is made of solid wood is also attractive. It is impossible for a craftsman without the advanced technique to finish natural materials with a habit so as to fit the curve of the leg so naturally and accurately.

We are particular about ease of use. A "finger joint" method that connects the White Ash and Walnut on the top plate. The name comes from the fact that it looks like the fingers of both hands are piled up. It is much stronger than the bonding of flat surfaces, and has excellent design. In addition, to give a slim table a sense of stability, a reinforcing metal fitting is used on the back of the top plate, and an adjuster that allows fine adjustment of the height is used on the back of the legs. Various sizes are available. A table that is also easy to use.

W1400 × D800 × H700 mm

W1500 × D800 × H700 mm

W1600 × D800 × H700 mm

W1700 × D800 × H700 mm

W1800 × D800 × H700 mm

*Depth can be customized at 70cm, 75cm, 85cm, 90cm. Please contact us for pricing details.

Wood Tree Species

Black Walnut - It grows over time in severe cold, so it has a hard and tenacious material, and is lightweight and easy to handle. From the sapwood to the heartwood, various colors create gradations to create a beautiful look. 

White Ash - The clean white color makes it easy to coordinate. Although born in a foreign country, it can be naturally blended into a Japanese-style room, creating a space with a sense of taste and calmness.


Hiroshi Akutsu

Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Crafts, studied under Mr. Shiro Nakajima and joined Seibayashi Seisakusho. In 1979, established BY STEP DESIGN Institute. In 1982, established PLUS ONE PRODUCT DESIGN independently. A person who reads the times and designs what the world wants. We understand the characteristics of furniture and produce excellent products. He is a designer who has a deep relationship with craftsmen who have produced many long hits such as "JAZZ" and "MARTHA".

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