MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)

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  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
  • MOBEL March Chair (Fabric Seat)
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seat height:
Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / March Chair (Fabric Seat)

A wide variety of chairs that are both light and stable.

We would like to introduce the chairs of the "MOBEL Touko" MARCH series, which you should consider when purchasing the "MARCH" dining table, which is a popular series. Warm colors with a familiar feel that would suit any room, and a beautiful luster ... Nara (Japanese Oak) is the material with such charm. Especially, the furniture-like wood grain called "Torafu", which has a reputation for the beauty of the wood grain, and which sometimes appears, is a furniture collector's dream. Silver tiger strips shine on the grayish-brown Oak.

And the charm of this chair is the surprisingly light weight of 3.8kg. Even women, children, and elderly people can move it easily. Each part has been thinly and thinly finished, and the calculated design and craftsmanship have achieved an outstanding sense of stability. The slim chairs are neat and clean, and the room is large and bright. In addition, you can order your favorite chairs from many variations such as color and fabric.

Stable back with a moderate warp.

The backrest is designed with a thin frame, making it easy to hold and light. Although it is a concern for the back, it has a gentle curve along the back when sitting, so it is designed to prevent fatigue even when sitting for a long time. In addition, since the posture naturally improves, the back muscles stretch comfortably, which may be useful in correcting children and the elderly. The chairs are made of only materials that are easy on the body, and they will help you lead a healthy life.

Colors that can be selected from various combinations.

There are two types of seat materials. From the many fabrics, we chose "Charm / Smoothie / Husky / Randy" for the fabric and "Prima" for the synthetic leather. Each fabric is unique, and the feel of the woven cloth is transmitted to the skin comfortably. "Almighty" is a synthetic leather that has the flexibility and volume of genuine leather. Something that tends to get dirty when eating. After all, I'm glad that the material can be quickly wiped clean.

A "finger joint" method applied to join the seat surfaces. The name comes from the fact that it looks like the fingers of both hands are piled up. It is much stronger than the bonding of flat surfaces, and has excellent design. There are a wide variety of paint and seat color variations, so it's likely that you will worry about it. It is a wonderful adult chair that gives you such fun to choose.

W430 x D430 x H820 (SH440) mm

Seat Cover


■ Category: Cloth ■ Composition: 100% polyester

It is a fabric with a texture similar to a natural material, with a unique texture that is roughly woven with a color that reminds you of light Japanese paper and a molding thread that leaves a firm and soft feel.



■ Category: Fabric ■ Composition: 51% polyester, 39% acrylic, 10% cotton ■ Origin:  Spain

High quality Spanish fabrics that are very popular in the fashion industry. Mole jacquard fabric with a stone-washed look like denim. It is a soft and comfortable texture.



■ Category: Cloth ■ Composition: 100% polyester

Fabric with a bright color. Since it has low hygroscopicity, it dries easily even when wet, and has strength, abrasion resistance, and durability compared to other materials.



■ Category: Fabric ■ Composition: 87% cotton, 13% polyester

Aswan's soft and gentle fabric. Due to its elasticity, it is firm and firm, and has excellent wrinkle recovery. Also, since the fiber itself has a strong resistance, it is not affected by oils, molds, insects, bacteria, etc. and has chemical resistance.


Wood Tree Species

Oak - Powerful and fearless wood grain gives a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.

**Color variation available. Please contact us for pricing details.

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