S$1,414.78 - S$1,697.73

MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut

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  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
  • MOBEL MT-01 Living Table Walnut
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S$1,414.78 - S$1,697.73


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110cm, 125cm
55cm, 65cm
Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / MT-01 Living Table

The stylish design applied everywhere creates a casual modern style.It's a center table that is indispensable in the living room, but recently it seems that many people give up due to housing conditions. But this table is recommended because its delicate lines make the room look larger.
It has a simple and timeless design, yet has the nostalgia that is typical of wooden furniture, and the stylishness that is not heavy, and the atmosphere that you can use it for a long time is attractive. One of the wonderful cultures of Japan is to relax on the floor instead of in a chair. Don't worry if the number of people becomes large, arrange a feast on a tabletop with a refreshing wood grain, and have a good time with family and friends. It has a urethane coating that is easy to use and is easy to maintain, with little dirt or scratches.

MT-01 Living table

A solid and deep top plate made of natural wood veneer.

It is a top plate with beautiful wood grain that reminds you of solid wood, but it uses a "flash structure veneer" that sandwiches the top and bottom of a grid-like wooden frame. It's easy to think that "a structure with a lot of space is weak," but please be assured that the internal fine lattice has the property of dispersing weights. Also, since it is naturally light, it is easy to move even if such thin legs are placed on the floor. And even if it is too expensive for solid wood, it can be finished at a relatively low cost by thinly peeling and sticking it together.

The pale and simple Oak has a two-tone finish.

Although it is a wooden furniture that tends to be monotonous, dark brown walnut was used as an accent around the curtain board for the pale color oak. It's such a small part, but it has a sense of adding a modern atmosphere to the whole. Of course, it goes well with the MT-01 sofa of the same series, but the simple modern design makes it easy to harmonize with other furniture, and it can be used for both Japanese and Western interiors, regardless of age and gender.

Beautiful and neat expression. Natural wood Oak veneer top plate.

This is Oak top plate. The bright brown color makes the living room look bright. "Veneer" is a technology that Mabel Touko is good at. It is a gem carefully crafted by a craftsman with sophisticated techniques to avoid unnaturalness such as seams. In addition, compared to the solid wood of natural wood itself, the top plate of the subdivided flash structure is attractive because it has less distortion and warp over time. It can be said that the furniture is made of wood that is made by the skill of the craftsman.

Slim design as well as excellent compatibility sofa. The "MT-01" series is designed to be easy to use, with all excess thickness and parts removed. We will deliver the best luxury to the living room which is not large. After all, the feature is four legs that gradually taper inward toward the floor. The calculated design will create a slim and spacious room while maintaining a sense of stability. Choose from 2 types of size x 2 types of material = 4 types in total according to your lifestyle.

W1100 x D550 x H420 mm



W1250 x D650 x H420 mm


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