MOBEL r Middle Chest 75

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  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
  • MOBEL r Middle Chest 75
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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 2 months for delivery.
[Frame] Oak, [Front Plate] Natural Art Wood (Indian Rose)
Urethane paint (Black color)
country origin:



Mobel Toko / r Middle Chest

A mature chest with fresh wood grain in the vertical direction.

Introducing a chest with an urban atmosphere with clear black borders and tidy wood grain. Using the popular Japanese Oak as the material for the furniture, the side panels and top panel are painted black, and the characteristic beautiful wood grain is dauntingly finished in a chic look. Also, the front plate of the drawer has an artificial wood pattern called "Art Wood".
The grain of wood expressed in deep brown shades is perfect for an adult's interior. By aligning the wood grain from the top to the bottom of the drawer, it gives a stylish impression.
However, since it looks cheesy with the pattern of "manually artificial", it faithfully reproduces the natural grain of wood, giving it a genuinely luxurious feel.
This chest where you can enjoy the characteristics and design of the materials at the same time was born in Asahikawa, which is known nationwide in the "city of furniture". It is one item of the new product "r series" that the studio confidently recommends.

r are chest

A "cool" chest that looks good on an adult man.

We often hear that when we look for new furniture, we do not agree with our partners and settle down into a safe design for the time being. A smart design that is perfect for those two. I think that even men who like fashion and who are particular about clothes and interior design will be satisfied. Moreover, it's unique, but you can never get tired of it because it is a basic design if you look at each part. It is difficult to replace furniture, so I would like to have a long relationship.

Art wood grain adds a more solid feel.

The processing realized only because "MOBEL Toko", which has a particularly excellent technique for "veneering", in which high-quality materials are thinly stripped and laminated with relatively inexpensive wood. All corners are smooth and enchanting, and the groove on the handle closely follows the shape of your finger. The carefully selected materials and the front plate finished with the technique of craftsmanship are lighter than solid wood, which reduces transportation costs and the burden of assembly, movement, and withdrawal, and also reduces the price. 

Two sizes available in the bedroom or living room.

There are two sizes. The small size is perfect for a limited space such as a living room. For stationery and consumables that you use frequently, put a small drawer in the upper tier and put anything in the lower tier for excellent storage capacity, and clean up your room. The large size can be put in the bedroom etc. to store plenty of clothes. The small drawer on the top is convenient for storing small items. And the black top is also a sideboard. Whatever you put it on, the colors and shapes will look great and the display will be fun.

Craftsman's skill that sticks to details.

From the gap in the front plate, the beautiful bare skin of the oak makes you look into the face, reaffirming that the material of this chest is genuine. We paid particular attention to not only the appearance but also the ease of use. The bottom drawer uses a "slide rail" that can be easily pulled out even if it becomes heavy, and prevents it from falling toward you. If the safety is not satisfied, it is not good furniture.

Inner Dimensions
① Drawer W291 × D322 × H70 mm
② Drawer W656 × D322 × H100 mm
③ Drawer W656 × D322 × H130 mm
④ Drawer W656 × D322 × H160 mm

Wood Tree Species 

Oak BL (Black Color)

"Veneer" made by thinly peeling the surface of high-quality materials and pasting it onto other materials. The beautiful oak grain is well expressed even when painted in deep black.

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