MOBEL Rein Sofa 1P

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Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / Rein Sofa 1P

Cushions with a soft shade on a smooth wooden surface.

Introducing the luxurious sofa "Rein" that makes you feel at ease even before you sit down, with a smooth stretched armrest, a carefully polished wooden surface, a high-quality fabric that complements the material.
"I want a sofa, but the room seems to be small", so it is a perfect item for those who can not buy large sofa. It doesn't have any extra decoration, so it looks neat and the design is simple, so you can use it forever.
In addition, the fabric of this sofa is available in different color variations, so it can be perfectly matched to the atmosphere of the room. Moreover, there are 4 sizes of 1 person / 2 person / 3 person / Ottoman, very smart furniture that can be purchased and added according to family structure and lifestyle.
It is an important piece of furniture to heal your tiredness of the day and to spend a relaxing time with family and friends.

rein line sofa

Rein Sofa 2P (left) / Rein Ottoman (right)

Combine the sofa and ottoman to create a relaxing space.

A little about the charm of "Ottoman" that you can't stop when you use it.
People always have their feet in the lowest position except when they are sleeping. Blood in the body circulate, but gradually begin to stagnate from the feet, creating swelling and dullness. The "foot chair" called "Ottoman" reduces this vicious circle. By raising your toes, you will be able to fly away from the tiredness of the day in no time. Of course, it also works as a stool.

Solid Oak warmth and a sense of security.

The beautiful material is "Nara", and rare solid wood is used. Therefore, the grain of wood itself is natural, and among furniture lovers, “tiger spots” like the tiger's fur, which shines on silver, can appear. At first glance, it is a delicate armrest, but when you put your arm on it, it is quite firm, and you can feel relieved with its stability and security. In addition, the curved part has a comfortable texture that makes you want to touch it all the time. I feel the height and commitment of the furniture maker.

There are also some gaps in the back design.

Normally, it's the back of the sofa that fits snugly against the wall and disappears, but if you have such a beautiful fence design, it is also good to "show it".
If you put it between the living room and the dining room and use it as a partition, it will become a stylish accent and quickly become a stylish room. Also, the luxury of using solid Oak wood in this part is just admiring. Moreover, since it has good air permeability, it is difficult for molds and insects to approach. 

Durable material and durable stretch.

The slightly grayish brown color goes well with other furniture and interiors, and Oak, which has an affinity for Japanese and Western styles, is used throughout. To make the most of its beautiful grain and texture, it is carefully coated with high-quality urethane. And you can choose a unique fabric according to the atmosphere of the room. 

W668 x D845 x H735 (SH380) mm


Seat Cover


■ Category: Cloth ■ Composition: 100% polyester

It is a fabric with a texture similar to a natural material, with a unique texture that is roughly woven with a color that reminds you of light Japanese paper and a molding thread that leaves a firm and soft feel.



■ Category: Fabric ■ Composition: 51% polyester, 39% acrylic, 10% cotton ■ Origin:  Spain

High quality Spanish fabrics that are very popular in the fashion industry. Mole jacquard fabric with a stone-washed look like denim. It is a soft and comfortable texture.



■ Category: Cloth ■ Composition: 100% polyester

Fabric with a bright color. Since it has low hygroscopicity, it dries easily even when wet, and has strength, abrasion resistance, and durability compared to other materials.



■ Category: Fabric ■ Composition: 87% cotton, 13% polyester

Aswan's soft and gentle fabric. Due to its elasticity, it is firm and firm, and has excellent wrinkle recovery. Also, since the fiber itself has a strong resistance, it is not affected by oils, molds, insects, bacteria, etc. and has chemical resistance.


Wood Tree Species

Oak - Powerful and fearless wood grain gives a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.


Noriyuki Ebina

After graduating from the design department of Hokkaido Tokai University in 1982, established Prime Design Office after working at Kenmochi Design Institute, Products Design Office, and Asahikawa Furniture Maker. 1996 International Furniture Competition Asahikawa 96 Silver Award (highest award from the Japanese past) and many other international furniture design competitions. I am mainly active in designing furniture. We design a wide range of furniture such as chairs and cabinets.

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