Sasaki Glass Holder

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Approx. W70 x T50 x H180mm
130 g
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:


Nocra Glass tree holder

An easy-to-use eyeglass stand that can be stored for decoration.
Where do you store your glasses, which are essential items for daily life?
I think that people who always wear them are often left on the side table or wash basin of the bed, and those who are only reading books are often left on the table. I will. There are mountains that I want to store properly in the case because of the delicate form, the lens that is easily damaged, and the items that are not cheap at all, but it is a little troublesome to get it quickly when needed.
For such eyeglass lovers, we would like to introduce a fashionable and convenient eyeglass stand, the wonderful name "Glass Tree". Beautiful wood grain, smooth curves, and a simple and stylish design that everyone will love. The appearance is suitable for wearing important glasses.

  • mgn02-1.jpg
    Your glasses are wrapped in natural innocence.
    For the material, we have selected walnut, which has an attractive profound feeling. And the soft curved form is designed to gently wrap the glasses. Furthermore, the hook is made of high-quality genuine leather round cord. You will be fascinated by the delicate handicrafts unique to Sasaki Kogei, which has a workshop in the wilderness of Hokkaido.
  • mgn03-1.jpg
    Presence overflowing from a slim standing figure.
    Although it has a slim form, it uses walnut, which is heavy and luxurious, and its presence is outstanding. Basically, it is designed to wear ordinary glasses, but of course it is nice to wear big sunglasses. The unisex design can be used by anyone, so it is highly recommended as a gift.

  • mgn04-1.jpg
    The grain of wood that does not have the same pattern is yours.
    The wood grain, which does not have the same pattern as the two, is exactly your own "special". The paint is carefully finished with high-quality urethane so as not to spoil the deep texture. Protects the stand from dirt and scratches while retaining its texture. It is a space-saving design with a solid sense of stability, and its interior is attractive even when placed in the living room or bedroom.


[Inventory] Because nocra is sold at both the physical shop and online shop, delivery may be delayed depending on the timing of your order. Please note.
We will send you an email once the delivery date of the ordered product is confirmed.
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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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