Sasaki Wooden Plate

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Approx. W280 × D170 × H40mm
Walnut, Beech
Antibacterial urethane


Nocra Wooden Plate

A soft wooden bowl for a fresh and healthy dining table.
Daily meals are an integral part of our lives. I want to stick to the vessel so that it will be more delicious. Most of these vessels are made of ceramic or glass, but the soup bowl is made of wood. The reason is that wooden bowls do not easily transfer heat, so even if you put hot soup in it, you can hold it in your hand immediately.
In addition, wooden vessels are much lighter than other materials and are hard to break even if dropped, making them ideal materials for children and elderly vessels. I wish there was a "wooden bowl" with such an advantage other than the soup bowl ... This "WooDeePlate" is the embodiment of that feeling. Wood = wood, Deep = deep, Plate = a combination of dishes. You can freely choose from 4 types, 2 types each for size and tree type. The shape is a fashionable oval, many dishes can be served, and it is easy to eat. Warmth is felt from the thick edges, which cannot be obtained with ceramics or glass.
Let's create a more enjoyable dining table with a vessel full of natural beauty.

Bring the warmth of gentle wood to your table.
Because it is oval, it goes very well with curry rice and omelet rice. The gentle shape that follows the roundness of the spoon seems to allow you to eat the last grain cleanly. Also, because it is made deeper than a typical curry dish, it can be served more than it looks and is less likely to spill when eaten. However, since it is a wooden product, it may crack if it is immersed in water for a long time. Rinse quickly with a neutral detergent and wipe off any water.

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    Relaxing time and living with trees.
    The plates are "stackable" so that they can be stacked neatly. I'm happy that it doesn't take up extra space for storage and is easy to carry. And even if you serve cold and hot dishes at the same time in a wooden bowl that does not easily transfer heat, you can enjoy it for a long time without taking away the temperature of each other. The property that it is hard to break even if dropped seems to be useful outdoors. It's light when you take it to a barbecue or camping, so it doesn't burden your luggage.
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    A warm wooden bowl that you will want to use every day.
    Although it is small, the material is solid natural wood. We have carefully selected the famous wood used for luxury furniture. First of all, "walnut" with deep brown creates a chic atmosphere. And in contrast, the ash-brown is an elegant "beach". Both are attractive for their tenacious strength and elegant luster. An excellent design with carefully rounded corners and a sharpness that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. The soft texture brings happiness to both the creator and the eater.
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    I want you to use it carefully because the material is wood.
    Unfortunately, it is not resistant to high temperatures because the material is "wood". The heat of the side dish is okay, but never store it in a hot place, especially in a dishwasher, microwave oven, or of course an oven. There is also a risk of deterioration such as cracking and deformation, and even ignition. It's made from the same materials and construction as crafts, so it requires a little more care than plastic ones, but it will last a long time if used carefully.



[Inventory] Because nocra is sold at both the physical shop and online shop, delivery may be delayed depending on the timing of your order. Please note.
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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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