TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser

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70 cm
45 cm
73 cm
Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
  • TAISETSU Nordlys Dresser
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A dresser with excellent design and functionality that can be used as a dresser when you open the mirror and as a convenient desk for a little work when you close it. Two deep drawers that can store makeup bottles, sprays, etc. and have excellent storage capacity. Since the top plate has two outlets, it is convenient for charging not only beauty appliances such as hair dryers, but also laptops and mobile phones. In addition, "soft close hinge" and "damper" are adopted, and the lid with the mirror is designed so that it does not close with a bang.



I think that it's almost always the case to rent a daily make-up from a washroom or a dining or living room table. In such a case, if you have a dedicated dresser, you can put makeup tools on it, but it is not possible to secure a place. I would like to introduce all women who are working hard every day to work with this "Nordlys" series dresser, which has excellent design and functionality.
The lineup of simple furniture, which means "Aurora" in Norwegian, features a stylish design with plenty of Scandinavian tastes.
It goes well with any interior, Japanese and Western, and its universal design will keep you tired of years. The color that changes for each person who uses it over the years is one of the pleasures of furniture using high quality materials. One of the charms is that when you close the mirror, it turns into a small table.


  • saa02.jpg

    A dresser with an excellent storage capacity that transmits the warmth of trees .
    On the right side are two deep drawers with excellent storage capacity. Because it is deep enough to hold A4 booklets, bottles and sprays of about 20 cm can be stored with plenty of room. When you want to use it, you can easily remove it from the top, so you can make up and clear up quickly. If you put it on the shelf, dust will accumulate slightly and it will feel unpleasant, but this dresser does not make you feel like that.

    木の温もりが伝わる 収納力抜群のドレッサー。
    右側には深くて収納力抜群の引き出しが2個ついています。A4冊子も入る深さだから、20cm程度のボトルやスプレーなどは余裕で収納が可能です。使いた いときにも上からスッと取り出せるので、メイクも片付けもはかどります。棚に並べると、いつの間にかホコリがうっすらと積もってイヤな気分になりますが、このドレッサーならそんな気持ちにはさせません。

  • saa03.jpg

    Fun to decorate and use with your favorite furniture .
    There are two outlets on the right end of the top plate. Not only beauty appliances such as hair dryers, but also laptops can be placed on the table with the lid closed, so you can enjoy as many ideas as you want. The space on the right side where this outlet is is not a lid, so you can always decorate small items, etc., and it is a simple design as a whole, but when you look at the handle etc., you are very particular about the details. I think that you can feel the good sense of "likeness".

    お気に入りの家具で 飾る楽しみと使う楽しみ。
    天板の右端にはコンセントが2口ついています。ドライヤーなどの美容家電はもちろん、フタを閉じてテーブルにすればノートパソコンなども置けて、アイデア 次第で何通りにも楽しめます。このコンセントがある右側のスペースはフタではないので、小物などをいつも飾っておくことができ、全体的にシンプルなデザイ ンですが、取っ手などを見ると非常にこだわったディテイールが施され“デザイナーズ家具”らしいセンスの良さを感じていただけると思います。

  • saa04.jpg

    Usability thought out for women.
    The wiring of the two outlets is extended to the back and does not impair the aesthetic appearance. In addition, we adopt "soft closing hinge" and are designed so that cover with mirror does not close with slam. The body has a piston-type part called a "damper", which has the role of gently receiving the lid and closing it slowly. The oil painting of oak and hippopotamus adopts the "spring breeze" which is kind to the body and finished in pale milk color.

    女性のために 考え抜かれた使い勝手。


  • Wood:

    Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • nordlys-nara.jpg

    OAK - Powerful fearless wood grain shows a unique presence. In addition, due to the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of silver shining similar to the pattern of the back of a tiger called "Torafu" appears, so you can enjoy a unique expression.

  • nordlyst-walnut.jpg

    BLACK WALNUT - It is hard and sticky, lightweight and easy to handle, because it grows over time in a harsh cold. Various colors from the sapwood to the heartwood draw gradations, forming a beautiful expression.

  • nordlys-birch.jpg

    BIRCH - The material is heavy and hard, the color is light reddish-brown, and the longer it is used, the more it changes to an elegant color. The elegant look of pale pink and the even and detailed wood skin are called the queen of Hokkaido hardwoods, and have been used by many people for many years.


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