Nordlys High Stool

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  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
  • Nordlys High Stool
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26 cm
26 cm
55 cm
Oak, Walnut, Birch


A small stool that is attractive when you wear shoes at the entrance, between work in the kitchen, and when you come in. It is petite and looks fashionable, so it doesn't feel like a living room. There is a small shelf under the seat, so you can decorate flowers and accessories, and charge the cell phone and expand the place of activity on the bedside. Two sizes, 26cm in diameter x 55cm in height, and 24cm in diameter x 45cm in height. The shape of the seat surface is "square" for the larger one and "round" for the smaller one.



We introduce small stools that are easy to pull out when you need them, such as when you wear shoes at the entrance or break between housework and suddenly when you need it, such as a chair for customers.
Once obtained, you can not let go of its ease of use and it is not the main chair, but its design and presence are not inferior to other furniture. The elegant wood texture is reflected in its appearance using selected precious wood, giving it an atmosphere that does not make you feel a sense of life wherever you put it. The small shelves under the seat can be used as a convenient space for small items, and support the legs, helping to improve stability.
Noorris means "Aurora" in Norwegian, and the furniture lineup is characterized by a stylish design with plenty of Nordic tastes. Because there are no extra decorations, the usability is outstanding, it fits well with any Japanese and Western interior, and the universal design does not get tired even after many years.


  • isu02.jpg
    The charm and presence of the material transmitted from the design .
    Two sizes are available: 26cm in diameter x 55cm in height and 24cm in diameter x 45cm in height. Because it is compact, it does not interfere with limited space such as entrances, wash basins, and kitchens. This "compactness" is attractive. Although it is a simple and small stool, it is well-built and can be used with confidence.

    デザインから伝わる 素材の魅力と存在感。
    サイズは、直径26cm×高さ55cmと、直径24cm×高さ45cmの2種をご用意しました。コンパクトなので玄関や洗面台、キッチンなどの限られたス ペースでもまったく邪魔になりません。この“コンパクトさ”が魅力です。シンプルかつ小さなスツールですが、作りがしっかりしているため、安心して腰を下 ろしてご使用いただけます。

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    Various variations to choose according to your room .
    The shape of the seat surface is "square" for the larger one and "round" for the smaller one. Even though it is a square, all corners are finished in a curve that draws a large arc, so the feeling of hitting the thigh when sitting is very soft. It is a safe design that prevents injuries even if small children hit the body. The shelves under the seat can be used as a small gallery space to decorate flowers and accessories if used well.


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    Usability thought out for women.
    The wiring of the two outlets is extended to the back and does not impair the aesthetic appearance. In addition, we adopt "soft closing hinge" and are designed so that cover with mirror does not close with slam. The body has a piston-type part called a "damper", which has the role of gently receiving the lid and closing it slowly. The oil painting of oak and hippopotamus adopts the "spring breeze" which is kind to the body and finished in pale milk color.

    女性のために 考え抜かれた使い勝手。


  • Wood:

    Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • nordlys-nara.jpg

    OAK - Powerful fearless wood grain shows a unique presence. In addition, due to the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of silver shining similar to the pattern of the back of a tiger called "Torafu" appears, so you can enjoy a unique expression.

  • nordlyst-walnut.jpg

    BLACK WALNUT - It is hard and sticky, lightweight and easy to handle, because it grows over time in a harsh cold. Various colors from the sapwood to the heartwood draw gradations, forming a beautiful expression.

  • nordlys-birch.jpg

    BIRCH - The material is heavy and hard, the color is light reddish-brown, and the longer it is used, the more it changes to an elegant color. The elegant look of pale pink and the even and detailed wood skin are called the queen of Hokkaido hardwoods, and have been used by many people for many years.


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