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Nordlys Kitchen Board

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105 cm
47.5 cm
186 cm
Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
  • Nordlys Kitchen Board
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It is a kitchen board that is functional and beautiful, even if it is connected directly from the living room and is inevitably exposed. The door glass is a color film that makes the interior look faint and does not give a sense of life. In addition, a "lever latch" that takes into account earthquake resistance is adopted. The shelves in the open section are movable, so you can change the height according to the home appliances. If a board is not required, simple storage is also possible. The lower drawer has a slide rail, and a 2 liter plastic bottle is easily accessible. The open section has an outlet, so you can use a rice cooker or an electronic pot.



A kitchen board that uses "show" and "hide" properly.
"Meals" are indispensable for our lives. The kitchen that produces it every day is useless unless it is functional. In the past, the kitchen was placed in a separate room, so it was rarely seen by customers, but recently it is almost always connected directly from the living room. Therefore, it became a place where everyone could see it.
"Nordlys" is a kitchen board that is made of heavy snow woodwork with furniture that combines functionality and beauty that is perfect for such a modern lifestyle.
This simple furniture lineup, which means "Aurora" in Norwegian, features a stylish design with plenty of Nordic tastes, without extra decorations, and has excellent storage capacity and ease of use. It goes well with any interior, Japanese and Western, and its universal design will keep you tired of years. The material can be selected from three types, “Nara, walnut and hippo”.


  • nkb02.jpg

    Safety lever latch on the door.
    An "earthquake" that may threaten our lives at any time. Even a slight shaking can easily open the cupboard with loose doors, and there is a danger of serious injury from the protruding tableware. This "lever latch" is a function that minimizes such accidents. It is attached to the bottom of the glass door, which is the most dangerous in case of emergency, and it is designed to open easily with one touch. Therefore, there is no inconvenience for everyday operation.


  • nkb03.jpg

    Slide counter convenient for storage.
    There are two sturdy slide counters in the middle, and the front plate is a handle, making it easy to grasp. It can be safely and lightly pulled out even if a heavy rice cooker or electronic pot is placed. Since there is an outlet in the back, there is no need to worry about wiring. Even home appliances where steam rises can be used safely without worrying about the top plate with a safe design.

    中段には頑丈な2つのスライドカウンターが設置されていて、前板が取っ手になっているため、掴みやすいのが魅力です。重い炊飯器や電子ポットなどを置いても安全かつ軽やかに引き出すことができます。奥にはコンセントが付いているため、配線の心配もいりません。蒸気が上がる家電でも安心の設計で、上の天板を 気にせずのびのびと使用できます。

  • nkb04.jpg

    It is full of nice functions.
    The upper glass door is milky white and shows the interior slightly, without a sense of life. The inside of the shelf and the shelves in the open section are movable, so you can change the height according to the items. If shelves are not required, simple storage is possible. The lower drawer has a slide rail, so that a 1.5-liter plastic bottle can be easily accessed. Two outlets are also installed in the open section.

    うれしい機能が満載 納得の一品です。


  • Wood:

    Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • nordlys-nara.jpg

    OAK - Powerful fearless wood grain shows a unique presence. In addition, due to the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of silver shining similar to the pattern of the back of a tiger called "Torafu" appears, so you can enjoy a unique expression.

  • nordlyst-walnut.jpg

    BLACK WALNUT - It is hard and sticky, lightweight and easy to handle, because it grows over time in a harsh cold. Various colors from the sapwood to the heartwood draw gradations, forming a beautiful expression.

  • nordlys-birch.jpg

    BIRCH - The material is heavy and hard, the color is light reddish-brown, and the longer it is used, the more it changes to an elegant color. The elegant look of pale pink and the even and detailed wood skin are called the queen of Hokkaido hardwoods, and have been used by many people for many years.


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