Nordlys Mirror 150

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  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
  • Nordlys Mirror 150
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24 cm
7 cm
150 cm
Oak, Walnut, Birch


A stylish mirror framed by a grain of wood that draws a gentle arc. The soft skin softens your busy outing time. It can be used either on the wall or on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. In addition, it comes with a hook for hanging on the wall, which also has a fall prevention function, so it can be installed safely. The new concept of hanging a long mirror on the side can also be handled smartly with this mirror. Decorate your favorite accessories in a wide frame, and a small gallery will be born there.



A stylish mirror framed by a grain of wood that draws a gentle arc. The soft skin softens your busy outing time.
The Norris Mirror is an excellent mirror that can be mounted on a wall, and is available in 100cm and 150cm heights.
The width is only 24cm and the depth is only 7cm, so it is very slim, so it will not obstruct the traffic flow even in the limited space such as the entrance. The shape of the easy-to-carry frame enhances convenience and safety. This mirror enhances the taste of Scandinavia at once and makes your room peaceful. Because there are no extra decorations, the usability is outstanding, it fits well with any interior in Japanese and Western styles, and the universal design will not get tired even after many years. The color that changes for each person who uses it over the years is one of the pleasures of furniture using high quality materials.


  • kgm02.jpg

    Hang it on the wall according to the room.
    If you mount it on a wall, you can expect more effective use of space. It is compatible with both vertical and horizontal directions, and comes with a wall-mounting hook that also has a fall prevention function, enabling safe installation. This mirror can also handle the novel idea of ​​hanging a long mirror sideways. The dimly lit walls reflect the scenery facing you, and the depth makes the room look very spacious. Decorate your favorite accessories in a wide frame to create a small gallery.

    部屋に合わせて 壁に掛ける。
    壁掛けにすれば、さらにスペースの有効活用が望めます。縦横いずれにも対応し、そのうえ転倒防止機能も備えた壁掛け用フックが付属しているため、安全な設 置が可能です。長いミラーを横に掛けるという、斬新な発想もこのミラーならスマートにこなしてくれます。今まで薄暗かった壁が対面の景色を映し出し、奥行 きが出るためお部屋がとても広く見え、幅広のフレームにお気に入りの小物を飾れば、そこには小さなギャラリーが誕生します。

  • kgm03.jpg

    Wood grain and bright roundness that you will want to touch .
    The material can be selected from three types: oak, walnut and hippo. The oil coating of oak and hippopotamus is finished with a natural-looking paint called "spring breeze", and is finished in a pale milk color. The walnut oil coating is also a high quality coating called "Rubio Mono Coat", which protects the texture of the tree carefully. Whichever material you choose, you will be satisfied with the texture of the material.

    思わず触れたくなる 木目と鮮やかな丸み。

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    It can be used anywhere in three ways .
    The surface is carefully polished, so the texture is so smooth that it is enchanting. All corners have been dropped, making it easy on the appearance and avoiding serious injuries even if you hit your body. Because it is a fashion check item, choosing such clothes is likely to be fun with such a stylish mirror. The included sigma hook can withstand a load of up to 7 kg and can be securely fixed to gypsum board walls, wood, pillars and other walls where screws do not work.

    3通りの使い方で どこでも使える。


  • Wood:

    Oak, Walnut, Birch
  • nordlys-nara.jpg

    OAK - Powerful fearless wood grain shows a unique presence. In addition, due to the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of silver shining similar to the pattern of the back of a tiger called "Torafu" appears, so you can enjoy a unique expression.

  • nordlyst-walnut.jpg

    BLACK WALNUT - It is hard and sticky, lightweight and easy to handle, because it grows over time in a harsh cold. Various colors from the sapwood to the heartwood draw gradations, forming a beautiful expression.

  • nordlys-birch.jpg

    BIRCH - The material is heavy and hard, the color is light reddish-brown, and the longer it is used, the more it changes to an elegant color. The elegant look of pale pink and the even and detailed wood skin are called the queen of Hokkaido hardwoods, and have been used by many people for many years.


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