Sasaki Business Card Open Case

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Approx. W120 x D73 x H35mm
Oak, Walnut
Country origin:
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Sasaki Craft / Business Card Case

A magical case that doesn't fall even though it doesn't have a lid.
In this case, you will not be in a hurry to forget to insert your business card at the business negotiation destination. The slim body, which fits comfortably in your pocket, has been carefully polished to eliminate all corners, so it won't damage your suit or bag.
It is also attractive that the wood has a simple atmosphere that seems to soften the business scene with a sense of tension. Because of its unique design, it will be a hot topic.
In addition, the paint is a domestic material that is safe for people with sensitive skin, and we used the one with harmful substances removed. A tableware paint that has been certified by the Food Association, and is a safe material for babies to eat. Still, the antibacterial effect is also positive. It seems that you can comfortably make greetings with many people.

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    Since there is no lid, it can be taken out quickly.
    You will feel attachment day by day as it has a reliable design that can withstand many years of use and changes to a mellow candy color over the years. In the magnificent nature overlooking the Daisetsuzan mountain range, the products handmade by craftsmen with craftsmanship are truly crafts. Feel the finish with your fingertips, not only for the design but also for ease of use.
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    Uses the finest materials that feel the warmth of wood.
    Although it is a small product, the material is walnut, which is heavy and luxurious, and oak, which has a beautiful grain. We have achieved a finish that retains the texture of the wood grain so as not to impair the goodness of the material. Since natural products are used as they are, the grain of wood varies depending on the product, making it a unique item in the world.
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    The perfect gift or souvenir.
    All the designs that are familiar to young women and older men are attractive. It has an exquisite roundness that doesn't look childish, and because it's simple, you'll never get bored. It has a luxurious feel, uses durable and safe paint, and has a compact size. Still, it can store about 15 business cards. If you engrave your name or company name, it will be a perfect gift or souvenir.


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