Sasaki Desktop Business Card Holder

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Approx. W120 x D73 x H35mm
Oak, Walnut
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Desktop Business Card Holder

I want to use a good one because it is the "face" of business.
There are a wide variety of business cards these days. Because it is an important business tool, you want to make a good impression on the other party by using a good design. This desktop business card holder is recommended for such people. It's not made of bland plastic, but made of solid wood, so it's sure to catch your eye. By paying attention to casual places, you will be enriched in the moment.
In addition, many people use it as a cigarette case. Hygiene is a concern because it stores things that attach to the mouth, but it is safe because it is coated with safe urethane paint for tableware that also has antibacterial action.

The grain of wood that emerges is a beauty that catches your eye.
A stylish case suitable for calling it an "adult accessory". You can use it for many years regardless of gender or age. Although it is small, it uses solid wood, which is also used for high-end furniture. The texture and beautiful grain that only the real thing has has a dignity, and the more you use it, the more the texture will increase, and if you polish it further, you will get an elegant luster. As an item to walk with you, it will continue to play an active role.

The warmth of wood in an inorganic office.
When a sudden customer is seen, the appearance of searching for a bag or jacket to get a business card may be a little lacking in smartness. Therefore, if you prepare such a fashionable business card holder on the table, you can hand it over quickly without having to wait. If you put a lid on it, you can prevent dust and it will look neat and will not interfere with your work. The laid-back shape seems to ease the tension in the workplace. Takumi's skill shines in the casual design that is easy to take out one by one.

You can easily enjoy the real texture.
Not only the surface but also all the corners draw a gentle curve even if the lid is opened, and the luxury of using high quality solid wood to the inside. Even if furniture is out of reach, you can easily enjoy the real texture of such small items. These products are still hand-made today at Sasaki Kogei, a workshop surrounded by magnificent nature overlooking the Daisetsuzan mountain range. The easy-to-remove design and simple design will make your desk look gorgeous.

You can choose from two tree species, walnut and oak.
You can choose the material from 2 types according to your preference. Deep brown walnut and refreshing light brown oak are full of cleanliness. The brightly floating grain of wood goes well with the simple rounded design. The compact body is an excellent item that can be stored anywhere, such as a desk or drawer. It gives warmth to an inorganic office.


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