Sasaki Golf Putt

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Approx. W175 × D150 × T20mm
Antibacterial Urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Wine Stand

Maybe this will increase your score? A stylish golf putt practice machine.
I don't think you can tell what kind of product it is at a glance. The correct answer is "golf putt practice machine". Usually, most of them are made of plastic with bright artificial turf set. It looks hard to say that it is fashionable as a compliment. It also takes up a lot of space, so unless you have a very large living room, it can be difficult to practice indoors. However, this Sasaki Kogei "One Pat" has a compact size of only 17.5 cm x 15 cm (one putt angle). Moreover, it is a craft-like design finished with beautiful solid wood. In this case, even if you leave it in the living room, it will not interfere with the interior and will not give you a sense of life.
If you want a more realistic situation, we recommend putting it on your turf mat to practice. It's nice to be able to choose the feel of the turf to your liking. It seems good to enjoy put-in games not only with your father but also with family and friends who do not usually play golf.

Practice putting with a warm woodworking craft.
After all, the goodness of wood is its "sound". The light sound of "kakon" when you cup in is pleasant no matter how many times you hear it. It does not make you feel the stress of practice and does not cause discomfort to your family living in the same room. The warmth of wood, which makes you feel at ease every time you touch it, is a charm never found in metal or plastic. You can also clean it by wiping it with a dry cloth. Rather than being dirty, it grows into a “taste” over time.

A gift for golf lovers.
Even though it is a small product, it is a full-fledged product that uses carefully selected famous wood and is handmade one by one by craftsmen with craftsmanship. It is the perfect item to give to golf-loving fathers, company bosses, and customers. It's a product with a luxurious atmosphere and a high sense of unique personality, but I'm happy that it's very reasonable. It will be appreciated as a commemoration of the anniversary and as a prize for competitions and parties.

Excellent stability with moderate weight .
It weighs 240g and is considerably lighter than it looks. Therefore, it is easy for elderly people and women with weak power to move it for cleaning or practicing outdoors. This product has the kindness that considers not only the golfer but also the people around him. Moreover, it is unique to Takumi's skill that the appropriate weight is left so that the one putt itself does not move during practice.

A luxurious item that is small but luxurious.
It has a personality that is comparable to high-class people. Although elm is also laminated wood, the solid atmosphere is a luxury product itself. The pale color, luster, and elegant wood surface will make women happy. The form is arranged with round and corner, carved ball clasps.


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*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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