Sasaki Itako

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Approx. W70 × T15 × L170mm
100 g
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Sasaki Crafts / Itakko

Recent washing machines are packed with functions such as energy saving, and various finishes are possible with the touch of a button. Some people may think that "washboard" is ... in such a high-tech era. But you'll be amazed at how convenient it is when you start using it.
The design is a familiar shape that is a smaller version of the old-fashioned washboard. However, the shape and the modern curve that fits in your hand are very fashionable.
It is very useful for pre-washing socks and other stubborn stains, for small amounts of laundry that is not enough to turn in a washing machine, and for small laundry such as cloth cloth and baby's underwear. It's a compact size that doesn't get in the way in the small space of the kitchen or wash basin, or in the bag when going on a business trip or camping, so you can take it anywhere.

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    You will be familiar with the cute name.
    Board + eco = "Itakko" is a cute name that makes you feel familiar with it. The round hole in the handle is very convenient for putting your fingers in and fixing the board when washing. You can also hang it on a hook after use to keep it clean, and you can quickly take it out when you use it. In addition, please avoid direct sunlight when drying to prevent warping and cracking unique to natural wood.

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    You can wash it at any time by sprinkling it around the water.
    I always want to keep the cloth products used by small children, such as bibs and hand towels, clean. I have a lot of laundry every day, but it's not enough to fill the washing machine. Even in such a case, wash it quickly with this "Takko". The time is short, the amount of water is small, and of course there is no electricity bill, and above all, the washboard is finished without painting, so it is safe to scrub.

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    The smooth finish is unique to handmade.
    The swanky atmosphere not found in plastic does not interfere with the interior. While having a firm detergency, the smooth finish that does not feel rough to every corner of the groove is unique to craft studio handmade. Since it is finished without painting with an emphasis on safety, it may cause mold if it is stored wet. After use, please dry in the shade.



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