Sasaki Kumiki Puzzle-12pcs

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Approx. W100 × T100 × L100mm
Oak, Walnut
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:
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Sasaki Craft / Kumiki Puzzle

A small adult puzzle that makes a picture even if you decorate it.
I thought that the intricate shape was a beautiful object, but this is the completed puzzle. The artistic atmosphere also has the charm of an interior.
The fashionable puzzles created by the wooden craft shop "Sasaki Kogei" are recommended not only for children but also for adults. Even if it is a gift, it is just right and affordable.
Even though they are small wooden toys, they are all made from carefully selected natural wood and do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or xylene, which are said to be the cause of sick house syndrome. In addition, it is finished with a safe material that is set as Woodcraft special antibacterial coating and Woodcraft tableware urethane coating, so it is safe for babies to put in their mouths.

The warmth of wood in a hard shape .
The straight shape contrasts with the warmth of the carefully dropped horns and wood, and it is a product full of gentleness that is a perfect fusion of them. The process of making is fun and the result is beautiful ... There is no other puzzle like this. The workshop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido is surrounded by nature overlooking the Daisetsuzan mountain range, and craftsmen who love trees continue to design and produce carefully one by one.

The playfulness of an exquisitely balanced tree.
Recently, toys are also full of digital. While thinking that it can't be helped by the times, I especially want to give children analog and naturally derived toys. I think that such natural people will surely be satisfied. With this product, you can play without getting bored even if your child grows up, and it is also attractive that it is durable and fashionable. Great as a nice gift.

The beautiful grain gives it a real personality.
There are two types of materials: a small oak with a gentle light brown color and a large walnut with a chic dark brown color. All of them are made of solid natural wood, and the soft texture and beautiful grain give them a genuine personality. And please choose the shape from 2 types of 6-piece set and 12-piece set. Assembling instructions are included, so why not enjoy it fashionably with your family and friends?

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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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