Sasaki Lunch Plate

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Approx. W250 × D200 × H20mm
50 g
Birch, Oak
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Lunch Plate

It seems to be lively. A wooden plate that is refreshing to the eyes.
An oval wooden lunch plate divided into three, which seems to be useful even during busy hours in the morning.
Freshly baked bread, hot bacon, crispy cold salad ... Even if you serve hot and cold dishes together, it is difficult to transfer heat due to the characteristics of the wood, so you can eat each dish in the most delicious state. ..
In addition, the combination of moist ingredients such as crispy bread, dripping bacon, and dressed salad does not interfere with each other's texture. It's not just because there is a partition, but because it is carefully overcoated with the safe and water-repellent paint that is also used for lunch boxes. Therefore, it is hard to break and can be safely recommended for small children and the elderly, making it ideal as a gift.

A stylish one plate that makes your dining table feel like a cafe
"One plate dish" is a classic menu of fashionable cafes. If you put them in one plate, the number of tableware will be reduced and the atmosphere will be nice, so you will want to imitate it, but it is difficult to arrange large ceramic plates with partitions at home for the family because it takes up space. But this plate seems to solve that problem at once. All the inner corners are round and easy to wash, so it's easy to clean up afterwards.

It is loved by the whole family and deepens the taste.
What would you like to serve on a gentle rounded plate today? It's great for breakfast and lunch, as well as vegetables and garlic toast with sauces such as dips to make a snack plate. Only good quality wooden tableware can be loved by the whole family and slowly deepen the taste. It is a gem that can only be made by a craftsman who knows all about wood.

A beautiful plate that brings out the ingredients vividly.
A beautiful plate that brings out any ingredients freshly and vividly. The products that are carefully finished by applying paint to carefully selected materials are very durable. Why don't you put your name and message on such a gem and make it the only gift in the world? Because it is a laser engraving that burns the surface of the wood, it does not peel off unlike the sticker, and the texture increases with the tableware. I will continue.

What do you serve on a rounded plate?
There are two types of trees, oak and hippopotamus. The oak is characterized by its light brown color and beautiful striped wood grain. The pattern called tiger spots, which resembles tiger skin, is rare and trades at high prices. On the other hand, the hippopotamus grows dignifiedly even in cold land, and its appearance is so called "Lady of the Forest". The discreet wood grain and beautiful reddish brown color are attractive. Both are high-class materials that are used as materials for furniture and floors.


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