Sasaki Multi Plate Corner

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Approx. W200 x D130 x H20 mm
80 g
Walnut, Beech, Oak
Country origin:
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Sasaki Craft / Multi Plate Corner

A sense of luxury that is simple yet full of luxury. A gentle wooden tray.
Small and important items such as accessories and keys. Even if you put it in a drawer so that you don't lose it, it's still troublesome to store it in an invisible place because you want to take it quickly when you want to use it. And in the end, there are many people who leave it on the shelf at the entrance and lose it. The most suitable item for reserved seats of such items is the multi-plate angle of "Sasaki Kogei".
The company has been making crafts for many years in "Asahikawa", which is famous as a city of furniture. In a large furniture town, good quality materials are available, and a large amount of "mill ends" is also produced. However, this offcut is also a fine wood. The representative of the company, who thought it was too regrettable to throw it away, made a small box to put a lighter and gave it as a gift. Then, I was very pleased and immediately became popular as a novelty and souvenir, the beginning of the craft of Sasaki crafts. Even now that cheap products are distributed and the number of workshops is decreasing, the company's products, which continue to provide "genuine" with reliable connoisseurs and technology, are all elegant.

It's just like a display, even though it's just popped.
Every time before going to work, he is busy. If you can't find your favorite accessory at that time, you will spend the day feeling depressed. This small tray is a dish that seems to relieve such stress. First of all, the gentle grain of solid wood heals our eyes. And no matter what item you put on it, it's as beautiful as if it were displayed. The warmth that plastics and metals do not have is transmitted, and it seems that you can feel calm.

Your own tray that won't lose your precious things.
Before taking a bath, remove your glasses and hair elastic, put them on the tray, change into your room clothes, and take them with you. If you don't decide on a location, you'll have more chances of losing it if you don't know where you put it or if you drop it, but don't worry if you put it in this tray. Besides that, we wear a lot of small things such as coins, rings and contact lenses. It is even more secure if you prepare a special tray for each person.

Convenient to carry. Curve with a soft edge.
This texture is unique to a craftsman who has been refining his skills for decades in a long-established workshop. It's so smooth that you'll be fascinated every time you carry it. The materials are also carefully selected, carefully polished so as not to spoil the texture, and painted with high-quality urethane. The design that seems to play an active part in various scenes depending on the idea is also ideal as a gift. However, please note that it is not suitable as a plate on which food is placed as it is.

The color and grain of wood that each piece has.
We have three types of materials: oak, which has a beautiful strong grain, walnut, which has a deep brown color, and beech, which has a bright color and fine grain. Both are famous trees that are loved all over the world. Please enjoy the luxury of using such high-class materials on a daily basis. In addition, its natural beauty draws a large arc, and the warmth of the wood and the eye-friendly form that you feel every time you touch it give you healing.


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