Sasaki Nobi Nobi Height Meter

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Approx. 1765x175x20mm
Size (when stored):
Approx. 850x175x50mm
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Sasaki Kogei / Nobi Nobi Height Meter

How many centimeters are you today?
Child growth is the happiest thing for dads, moms, and families. Introducing very fashionable and cute goods that you can enjoy the growth of your child who grows up quickly. With such a height gauge, it seems that it will blend in with the atmosphere of the living room with your favorite interior. In the small windows that are attached here and there, animals that are delighted by children are looking into their faces. Even though it is a child's goods, it uses materials that are also used in luxury furniture, so it seems to be useful as an interior. It's 17.5 cm wide and only 2 cm thick, so you can put it in any space. Of course, it is a perfect gift for childbirth and birthdays.

Let's remove the head part and attach it with a magnet to measure it.
You can measure your height immediately by removing parts such as the triangular roof and gently placing it on your child's head. Since it is a magnet type that sticks to the groove of the height gauge, it will not fall even if you release your hand. And when you finish measuring, please put it on the top again. Normally, there is no such "bulge", so you will not hit your body.

Let's engrave a lot of memories.
If you put a picture of your child in a small window, saying, "When it's 70 cm, it looks like this, when it's 80 cm ...", this height gauge becomes a wonderful photo gallery that keeps growing. Since it has a scale up to 160 cm, it can be used until it grows up. If you decorate your room, you'll be right there when you're a baby. It's a lot easier than opening a heavy album.

Since it can be folded, it is easy to move.
Hook or thumbtack and fix with Velcro to complete installation. It has a smooth texture and a simple mechanism, so it is safe for children to use alone. In addition, the photo can be easily replaced by turning the parts on the back side. And with a plastic cover fitted in front of the photo, you can protect your important photos and store them neatly. I am happy that the main body can be folded compactly.

Enjoy the luxury of touching real wood from a young age.
The texture of the triangular parts with carefully dropped corners is outstanding. Even children can fully understand its goodness. Colorful toys with electronic sounds are the mainstream these days, but this height gauge, which stands dignified in such a situation, has a modest yet unwavering personality. Although it is a product used only by small children, it also has a stylish design that blends into the interior of an adult. It seems that you can naturally learn numbers and length while measuring your height and playing.


This product comes with two nameplates to indicate your height. "Children's name" and "height at birth" can be engraved on the plate free of charge. (Red part)
Go to the shopping cart and enter your child's "name" and "height at birth" in the remarks column only up to 7 characters

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