Sasaki One-Sheet Lid Seal Case

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Approx. W150 x D74 x H27mm
Oak, Walnut
Antibacterial Urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Wine Stand

Two can be stored, and a large red meat is practical.
Seals are a very important tool in life. However, isn't it stored as it is in the seal case when most people purchased it? And I think that one seal and one registered seal are stored. Many people have cases that are not very fashionable. This product is definitely recommended for those who think that there aren't many fashionable seal cases because no one can see them.
First of all, it is attractive to be able to store two seals neatly. And after all, the large red meat is easy and convenient to use. If you have a separate seal case that is small and difficult to use, you don't need to do that anymore. Of course, if you use the red meat replenisher, you can use it forever.


An excellent product with a good impression that can be used in the company . A personality suitable for storing important seals. It's attractive even for small items. It is perfect for home use as well as for work. If you engrave a logo etc., you will be more attached to it, and it will be very much appreciated as a souvenir.

Beautiful grain and soft feel.
You can choose from two types of materials, walnut and oak, which are also popular in furniture. Even if it is a small item, the atmosphere drifting from carefully selected materials is as good as furniture. All of them have beautiful grain, and you can even remember the comfort from the simple texture. Domestic eco-paint is used for painting so as not to spoil the texture. It is a safe paint for tableware, so it is safe for people with sensitive skin.

Handicrafts of craftsmen scattered everywhere.
Numerous handicrafts studded with small items. For example, the hinge is not made of metal and is opened and closed by a shaft inserted inside. Commitment to hide even the axis from the outside. Thanks to that, the back has a clean finish. In addition, the seal has a groove that makes it easy to take out from either the left or right side. Left-handed people can also use it smoothly.


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