Sasaki Pencil Case

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Approx. W211 × D76 × H25mm
Oak, Walnut
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Pencil Case

The destination of the changing pencil case is...
An important pen is something you want to use forever. Introducing a high-quality wooden pen case that is suitable for storing such an important pen. It seems that many pencil cases and pen cases were made of celluloid in the past. Tinplates are also traditional and there are still a certain number of metal ones (commonly known as Kampen). There was also a time when the pencil case was made into a toy. However, it later declined as the children's values ​​changed due to the Famicom boom. Stationery is full of fun memories, isn't it? And nowadays most of them are made of plastic boxes and cloth, but how about wooden ones here?

A pencil case that is small but has a strong presence.
There are two types of materials: oak, which has a beautiful grain of wood, and walnut, which has a mature deep brown color. Both are famous trees that are loved all over the world. Please enjoy the luxury of using such high-class materials on a daily basis. The wood grain that differs for each product is a design unique to natural materials. The horns draw a gentle arc, and the warmth of the wood and the eye-friendly form that you feel every time you touch it will blow away the depression of study and work. The smart size that does not get in the way in the bag is also attractive.

Innocent warmth wraps the stationery.
Of course, the contents are all made of wood. I also made four shallow grooves to prevent the writing utensils from rolling inside. In "Asahikawa", which is famous as a city of furniture, it is a casual consideration of the long-established "Sasaki Kogei" which has a history of 40 years. Good quality materials found in large furniture towns also produce a large amount of "mill ends". However, this offcut is also a fine wood. The company, which thought it was too regrettable to throw it away, brought it to life. Because the material is good, it has a personality that you can't think of as scrap.

Easy-to-use and delicate attention.
There is a dent on the edge of the tray, which allows you to smartly store small, easily scattered items such as clips. I dared to finish it with a simple design so that it is easy to match with the user. In addition, "wooden" products are also attractive because their deterioration over time is not noticeable. No matter how carefully you use it, scratches and dirt on plastic and metal products can only be seen as deterioration. However, wood products become more glossy over the years, the color changes mellowly, and a little dirt becomes rather tasty.

Smooth finish with attention to detail.
The first product of "Sasaki Kogei" is a small box for a lighter. It was the beginning of its history that it was very pleased when it was presented to people close to us and quickly became popular as novelties and souvenirs. Even now that cheap products are distributed and the number of workshops is decreasing, the company's products that continue to provide "genuine" with reliable connoisseurs and technology are all elegant. Since each piece is made by hand by a craftsman, the finish is perfect in every corner, and the ease of use has been confirmed in the palm of the craftsman.


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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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