Sasaki Reversi Game DX

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Approx. W515 x D515 x H40 mm
2000 g
Walnut / Sen material
Antibacterial Urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Reversi Game DX

8x8 eternity.
It's a simple rule, but it's a very smart game. Have you ever been crazy? According to one scholar, there is a theory that playing a simple game will improve learning efficiency such as calculation and dictation to be worked on afterwards. A simple and profound game that seems to play a role in activating the brain, the name "Othello" may be more common in Japan. If you place the pieces alternately and sandwich the opponent's piece, you can turn it over to the color of your own piece, and finally the one with the most sesame seeds wins.
"A minute to learn, a life time to master" (1 minute to learn, a life time to master), this is Othello's catchphrase, but Reversi and Othello are almost the same game, Othello is from Japan, Reversi is The birthplace of England in the 19th century. 8x8, 64 squares, repetitive movements, mathematically, Othello is said to be one of the games that has not been completely calculated yet, but it is a simple and easy-to-understand board game with a large competitive population. , Is loved by people of all ages. Wooden reversi is a beautiful finish of such a universal game using natural solids.
The calm depth of walnut and the light and bright grain of Sen. The contrast of each weave is impressive, and while creating a sense of luxury, it is designed to be familiar and long-lasting.

A light laughter seems to echo in a stylish relaxing space.
A game that adults can enjoy. It is recommended to play with your children, but why not enjoy it slowly with a drink? A moment when a couple, friends, lovers, and a lively conversation flow gently. On a full moon night, where you are quietly indulging, you can play with a special sake in one hand. A light laughter seems to echo in a stylish relaxing space. For those who want to change their mood on holidays and play seriously rather than play, the wooden reversi, which has a strong presence in various situations, gives you peace of mind and comfort.
It is a gem that is very much appreciated as a gift for children and elderly people, such as souvenirs, moving celebrations, birthday and Christmas gifts.

High-quality warmth on the fingertips that touch the innocence .
A wooden reversi that can be used both as interior goods and as a practical game. The combination of walnut and sen enhances the design, and the innocent feel calms the mind. Even if you leave it in the middle of the game, it looks stylish and fashionable for some reason. It's so beautiful. It looks like a picture just by leaving it, and the texture unique to natural materials is irresistible. A game that adults can enjoy. It is recommended to play with your children, but why not enjoy it slowly with a drink?

Heals the mind and body while having fun .
The fine taste of walnut and the soft impression of Sen's bark. The originality that only trees have, no one is the same. A natural wood with a special aura that soothes everyone every time you touch it. As an educational toy for children, it is a game that you want to have more time to touch with your family and friends, or to rehabilitate and the topic of brain training. Recently, it is said that it is often used in nursing care facilities because the rules are easy to understand and the fingertips are used.

A favorite gem for delicate work.
For the top, walnut and sen are combined to keep the natural color. The top and board body show delicate work in every detail, and the fingertips that touch the innocence feel warmth. The squares are grooved one by one so that the tops can sit comfortably, and this engraving makes it easy to place the tops and prevent them from slipping. Also, since it can be folded, if you fold it when not in use, you can protect the top from dust and keep the scenery intact.


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