Sasaki Room Key Tag

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Approx. W25 × T10 × L135mm
27 g
Walnut / Birch
Antibacterial Urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Room Key Tag Chamfer 10

The warmth of soft wood will make you feel like traveling.
Introducing tags for room keys that are full of luxury and will make you feel like traveling. A profound atmosphere that adds a sense of luxury not only to pensions and cottages surrounded by nature, but also to stylish hotels. It's also great as a key chain for your home or office. It's not too big, not too small, and it's just the right palm size, so you can easily find it by searching inside the bag. The material is luxuriously made of solid natural wood, and the inorganic "key" transforms into a fashionable item. It is very durable and it is one of the pleasures to deepen the color and increase the texture as the years go by. Each one is carefully engraved with a laser that enhances the atmosphere of wood, creating one tag in the world.

A luxurious room key tag made of solid wood.
Hotel keys are often card-shaped or with plastic tags. But if you want to create a high class or resort feeling, you also want to stick to the keys. Then, if you match a key with a weight such as brass with a wooden tag like this, the atmosphere is outstanding. It is no exaggeration to say that the journey begins with the key given at the front desk. There is no doubt that you will have a good impression on your customers.

Original tag with your favorite laser engraving.
You can enjoy the grain of wood, which is not the same as one, because it is made of natural solid wood. Even if the same tree species is cut from the same tree, the grain is slightly different in shape. The artistic patterns created by nature on wood create a special atmosphere both with the eyes and the touch. Furthermore, by applying the original leather engraving, you can make only one special original tag in the world.

Feel the warmth of wood on your skin.
You can choose from two types of trees, walnut and hippopotamus. A walnut with a profound color and a gradation from sapwood to heartwood, and a hippopotamus with an elegant light pink texture and a fine grain. Both are trees with different attractive characteristics, and you can enjoy the change in the color of the wood surface due to aging. You will surely be satisfied with the gentle warmth of the wood and the certain luxury that the weight of the wood brings.

I chose a chain that is beautiful and luxurious.
All of them are coated with high-quality urethane in addition to heavy materials, so even if they are used for many years, they will not wear out and create a tasteful taste. We also chose a beautiful and luxurious chain so that it would not be inferior to the materials used for wood and keys. Although it is a small item, attention is paid to the details of the finish, and the feel that fits in your hand gives you a feeling of extravagant moments.


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*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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