Sasaki Tissue Box (Large)

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Approx. W273 x D138 x H113mm
Maple, Walnut
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Tissue Box

We are particular about stylishness because it is used every day.
Tissue paper is a daily necessities for every household. However, various cases are sold because it is easy to get a sense of life. This "Sasaki Kogei" Glitz BOX Tissue Case is recommended for those who want a more stylish case while there are many natural designs made of cloth. The company was founded in 1976 as a subcontractor for furniture parts processing in Asahikawa, which is famous as a city of furniture. At that time, the 100-yen lighter case "Moctor" was devised to make effective use of the ever-increasing amount of scraps. This was a big hit nationwide in a blink of an eye. Taking this opportunity, we developed our own original wood product processing, and now we have established its position as a high-sense, high-quality craft workshop.

A gem made with the concept of urban design.
The design is fresh, with cube-shaped pieces of wood overlapping like building blocks. It's simple but has no wasted details. Cleanliness is important because tissue is a hygiene product in the first place. In that respect, dust is less likely to collect than cloth, and dirt such as fingerprints and droplets found on transparent plastic boxes is not noticeable. In addition, the paint used is urethane, which is coated with resin to prevent stains and scratches, and has an antibacterial effect.

The texture unique to famous wood that shines because it is simple.
You can choose from "Maple", which has a refreshing white bark, and "Walnut," which has a mature dark brown color. All of them are famous trees that are loved all over the world, and their beauty and durability are attractive. Of course, it is also widely used in high-end furniture. However, when it comes to furniture, the price is reasonable, but such small items are likely to be within reach. Enjoy the texture and fragrance unique to famous wood with the casual action of "taking tissue".

A comfortable structure that cracks from the center.
There is also a bottom plate, so at first glance it is a design that you do not know where to put the tissue. The answer is here, and it's divided neatly in the middle. When I close it, I stack it again, but the moment when it is attracted by a strong magnet is very pleasant. Also, if the bottom is open, you will feel a sense of life when you can see the back, but there is no such chance. This structure is optimal because the bottom plate may slide off on its own in the type where the bottom plate slides.

Perfect for your tissue. Two sizes with different thickness.
Most modern tissue boxes are thin. However, luxury tissues such as "nose celebrities" may come in large boxes. Although it is a consumable item, it is an item that requires a personal texture, so we have prepared two types of sizes. Since many grooves are carved as a design, it is rather unique that the outlet is difficult to understand. If you look closely, that part is a slightly wider groove, and it is very smooth to take out.

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