Sasaki Wall Clock

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Approx. W250 × D250 × H25mm
Oak, Walnut
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Wall Clock Square

A gentle wooden dial that keeps ticking the gentle time.
A clock that ticks the clock is an indispensable part of our lives. I hear that many people use mobile phones as watches these days, but it is convenient to have a watch in a conspicuous place. If it's a wooden clock with such a soft atmosphere, it will make you feel at ease every time you check the time.
It goes well with Scandinavian interiors and wooden furniture, and when combined with inorganic steel shelves and home appliances, the cold impression of the space becomes warmer.
In addition, the size is 250 mm square, which is large enough, and the easy-to-read characters and needles are easy to see even from a distance, so even children and elderly people can use it without difficulty. There are three types of trees, oak, walnut, and mixed, and they are finished with high-quality urethane coating so as not to damage the unique wood surface. It protects the watch from deterioration such as dirt while maintaining the texture. Simple and loved by everyone, it's a perfect gift for a variety of gifts, including weddings, new construction, and entrance celebrations.

Abundant variations to choose according to individuality.
There are 3 variations so that you can choose according to your preference. We have "Nara" with beautiful grain, "Walnut" with deep brown and luxurious, and mixed type of 3 tree species that combines maple and walnut with beautiful grain and bright color of walnut.
All of them are famous woods that are used all over the world and are treated as high-class materials for furniture. It is a nice item that you can easily enjoy such materials on the clock face.
Simple and loved by everyone, it's perfect for a variety of gifts, including weddings, new construction, and entrance celebrations.

The presence created by the beautiful innocent material.
The 3 tree species mixed type is finished in 1 board by combining 5 boards. From the outside, walnut, oak, and maple are arranged in this order to create a gradation-like design. The modern atmosphere seems to be useful as an accent in the room. The other 1 tree species type also uses 5 boards, and the solid thickness is reliable and gives a sense of luxury. The beauty of crafts will never get tired of.


Enjoy the wood grain at a wonderful time.
The hands of a simple clock are also coordinated according to the tree species. I feel the kindness of the craftsmen by adopting a design with a classical atmosphere, using beautiful wood-skinned nara, black needles for mixing three tree species, and white needles for dark-skinned walnut. And since the letters are dug by "laser engraving", there is no need to worry about disappearing or fading. Combining all kinds of technology and rare materials, this watch has a small but unique world view.

A simple movement that just inserts one battery.
The power supply is a simple movement that only inserts one AA battery so that anyone can use it easily. Moreover, the battery is included with the instruction manual at the time of delivery, so you can start using it immediately. And since there are two screw holes on the back, it will not shake or tilt. Sasaki Kogei is a workshop that has a history of more than 30 years since its establishment in 1976. I like the fact that small scraps are used as fuel for the first time without waste.


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