Sasaki Wine Stand

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Approx. W244 × D90 × T7mm
Walnut laminated, Elm
Antibacterial Urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Wine Stand

Decorate your favorite wine bottle with an interior feel.
Unlike beer, which is drunk all at once, wine that you want to enjoy slowly and repeatedly over time. However, the bottles are unexpectedly large and must be stored so that they will not break, and the storage location is often annoying. In such a case, if you have this wine stand, you can store it compactly and smartly on a dining table or sideboard.
The creator is Asahikawa's woodworking maker "Sasaki Kogei". It is the first time that the scraps are skillfully used for small crafts, and the smaller scraps are used as fuel. The policy of not wasting any material is born from the spirit of loving wood. By the way, this product is also made of laminated wood.
The design was inspired by the 1999 Snowboard World Cup in Asahikawa. The board that jumped up is as beautiful as a stop motion. This wine stand has a sense of dynamism and sophistication that captures the moment.

A stand like an object that complements wine.
Since it puts a heavy load on the pinpoint of the hole where the bottle is inserted, it is finished to be as strong as solid wood. Moreover, the shape of this arc is not a distortion of a flat tree, but a curved block of laminated wood, so it is not easily deformed. In addition, the mouth of the bottle faces downward when stored, so the cork can be kept moist and prevents the wine from oxidizing due to drying. It is compatible with bottles of all shapes, and there is no change in stability even if the contents are reduced.

Produce adult time with calm colors.
The material is elm, which has a good reputation for its beautiful bark so that it can be used as a substitute for expensive zelkova. Two walnut tree species that create a feeling of distress in a profound atmosphere. All of them have a chic atmosphere that complements adult time. The grain and color of each different natural wood ... I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of expression it will attract.

An exquisite balance that shows a simple shape.
Originally it is a scrap, but it is of the highest quality because it was produced in the town of Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading producers of high-end furniture. Even though it is such a small item, it has an outstanding presence unique to natural materials. In addition, the scent of wood that floats softly on the table calms the mind. It has a long history since its establishment in 1976, and it is a gem that gives a glimpse of the commitment and good quality unique to a long-established store.

The elegant grain of wood that the elm laminated wood shows.
You will sigh in spite of the perfect finish with no seams. Rather, it can be said that laminated wood is a good example of the combination of various grain to create a tasteful expression. And the finish is "antibacterial" urethane coating that keeps the table clean. Dirt can be removed with a quick wipe. Affordable price that makes you want to use it for home use is also attractive. Of course, it's a perfect gift for wine lovers and a fashionable bar fixture.


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