Syuro Dish L

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  • Syuro Dish L
  • Syuro Dish L
  • Syuro Dish L
  • Syuro Dish L
  • Syuro Dish L
  • Syuro Dish L
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Φ180 x H18mm
Country of Origin:


It is a tray that uses the technique of forging that taps metal to stretch it and gradually shape it.
A smooth form that looks like a sphere cut out.
Traces of the hammer on the surface create a warm light expression.
There are 3 types of materials: stainless steel, brass, and copper. Not only for cooking, but also for placing keys and accessories, it can be used not only for everyday use but also for special occasions.

Each one of these special dishes has been carefully handcrafted in Japan by craftsmen at the SyuRo workshop in Tokyo. They use traditional methods, cutting and hammering the metal in to shape.

Perfect for the household, especially for serving sweets or other foods. This is also sure to look nice as a display piece. Please be aware that over time they will gradually change colour and age as the metal oxidizes, also reacting to the natural oils on ones hands. Each is unique, featuring little scratches up-close where the craftsman has been at work.

* This is a product that is made by craftsmen one by one.
 There may be small scratches or spots due to the characteristics of the material, but
 they will become less noticeable over time.
 Please enjoy the taste of the materials.
* In order to enjoy the material as it is, no rust preventive processing is used.
 Therefore,please note that the seams easily rust.
* If you stroke the whole area with your palm,
 you can enjoy the luster and taste with the oil on your hands .
* This product is not a closed container.
 It is recommended that you use a desiccant when you put something that dislikes moisture .
* Do not store in a refrigerator as the material of the can is weak in water.
* Please handle the cut end of the can with care.

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