SyuRo Original Aroma Mist

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φ35 x H173mm
Natural fermentation water, natural fragrance, sodium lactate
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Vann Vesi Vand Original Aroma Mist

Aroma mist with SyuRo original aroma oil.
By blending several types of aroma oils with various effects, it has a unique scent that is neutral and can be used at any age.
The refreshing, soothing scent of herbs and spices helps relax and restore mental balance.
It is also a nice point that all the raw materials are certified organic.
It is also recommended when you want to change your mood or before bedtime.


SyuRo has an atelier in Torigoe, Taito-ku, a downtown area with old-fashioned printing shops, can factories, cloth wholesalers and hardware stores.
Originally, SyuRo started as a design company, but cherishing the encounters in the town of manufacturing, and being able to apply the Japanese traditions and craftsmen's techniques that are being lost to the tools of today's living without difficulty. And, I design everyday miscellaneous goods through SyuRo's filter and produce it with local craftsmen.

Mr. SyuRo has developed a series of aroma and skin care products that strike a balance with the five senses that are the theme of the company, and are not too female or male.
We use natural aromas to help you relax and restore the balance of your daily routine. Vann (Finnish) Vesi (Norwegian) Vand (Danish), which means "water" in the words of the countries of the Nordic countries, wanting to be like " water" that enhances the quality of everyday life and then becomes closer to everyday life. ) Was named.

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