Syuro Round Can L/Tin

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Φ105 × H85mm
Tin plate
About 330g of tea, about 200g of coffee (beans)
Country of Origin:
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I made it a size that can easily put in a fist so that it can be taken out easily.
It's a lot to put in, so
it's convenient to put tea that has been opened and a small bag of soup together with the package.
Please enjoy simple cans that will eventually become antiques.

About 330g of tea, about 200g of coffee (beans) Φ105 × H85
tin plate

* Tinplate is a tin-plated metal.
* This is a product that is made by craftsmen one by one.
 There may be small scratches or spots due to the characteristics of the material, but
 they will become less noticeable over time.
 Please enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
* In order to enjoy the material as it is, no rust preventive processing is used.
 please note that the seams easily rust .
* If you stroke the whole area with your palm,
 you can enjoy the luster and taste with the oil on your hands .
* This product is not a closed container.
 It is recommended that you use a desiccant when you put something that dislikes moisture .
* Do not store in a refrigerator as the material of the can is weak in water.
* Please handle the cut end of the can with care.

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