TAISETSU LeTerre Shelf

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W630 × D350 × H1215mm
Birch wood
Oil painting (milk color)
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A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the …


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the first year of your purchase, please contact us immediately. We will respond politely. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If the product is damaged due to normal use within the warranty period, we will repair and handle it free of charge.


Taisetsu Woodwork / Le Terre Shelf


The slender form makes the room attractive.

When I go to school, I'm surprised at how many prints I bring back every day. In addition to textbooks, many items such as works and textbooks are being used these days, and they quickly overflow. Moreover, it's all important. In addition, the amount of lessons learned is also a characteristic of children today, and of course it is necessary to have a place to store the tools. We recommend the "le terre" series shelves, which neatly store such mountainous items. This series, which shines with selected materials and craftsmanship, was born in "Taisetsu Woodworking", which boasts one of the largest scales in the furniture town of Asahikawa. A long-established store founded in 1983, many staff are still producing beautiful furniture today.


The grain of wood, which is easy on the eyes, soothes your feelings.

"Hippopotamus" is attractive in pale pinkish brown.
The fine wood texture is silky and mesmerizing, and in contrast to the elegance of its appearance, it is a popular and durable wood.
The finish is painted with milk-colored oil to create a smoother finish. The protective power is a little weaker than urethane, but after all, the texture of the wood is utilized as it is, so it seems that it will relieve stress every time you touch it. It is not sticky because it has moderate hygroscopicity.


Not only the appearance but also the ease of use is attractive.

There are two neatly designed drawers at the bottom. Since there is no extra decoration, it has more storage capacity than it looks. Perfect for storing small items and items that you want to protect from dust. The drawer, which is a design common to the series, has a stylish handle. Therefore, it does not get caught in the protrusion and is excellent in safety. Also, as a feature of this shelf, the form that gradually narrows to the top is also excellent in stability. In Japan, where there are many earthquakes, such a design is very important.


Achieves smart storage without creating dead space.

Many people think that "solid furniture" is heavy, but when you look at this simple and smart le terre shelf, that image disappears. The design, which blends perfectly with the interior and the latest digital devices, attracts us. In addition, the shelves are movable in order to use the limited space without waste. The fine pitch provides a comfortable storage that fits perfectly with any item.


The beauty that makes a picture even if there is nothing to spread the grain of wood.

Since it is made of solid wood, the same grain does not exist in the same product. This one-of-a-kind item is a perfect gift for your precious child. Touching the real thing from a young age is a luxury that cannot be replaced with anything. The gentle atmosphere and outstanding storage capacity are also recommended for the compact living room of the elderly. The shelves also have low situates to prevent items from falling into the back. Since the back plate is not attached to the entire surface, you do not have to worry about the wiring layout of electrical appliances.


Overall dimensions
W630 x D350 x H1215 mm

Inner dimensions
① Shelf inside W590 x D240 ~ 290 x H185 mm
② Drawer inside W255 x D260 x H185 mm

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