Machilus thunbergii / クスノキ科タブノキ属 / 日本

Trespass forest tree
A tree growing up as a big tree in the "forest of the guardian" of the shrine in various parts of Japan. Those with a strong reddish color are called reddish (reddish), which is regarded as a good quality material compared to light color. Used for furniture materials, equipment materials, floor boards, plywood boards, etc.

日本全国各地の神社の「鎮守の森」によく大木として育っている木。材の赤みが強いものをアカタブ (赤椨) と呼び、色の淡いものと比べ良質材とされる。家具材、器具材、床板、ベニヤ板などに使用。