TAISETSU Trico Coffee table

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W800 x D550 x H400mm
Oak / walnut / birch wood
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A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the …


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the first year of your purchase, please contact us immediately. We will respond politely. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If the product is damaged due to normal use within the warranty period, we will repair and handle it free of charge.


Taisetsu Woodwork / trico 80 Living Table

Natural color harmony played by three kinds of trees.

The natural colors of natural materials soothe people's hearts.
The "Toriko 80 Living Table" is a playful table with a top plate made up of three different types of trees that has a natural feel and matches the calm living room.
Named after the French tricolor (combination of three colors), this series has a pop and fashionable design that expresses movement in furniture by not making the three tree species the same width. We use the finest oak wood carefully selected by the furniture maker "Taisetsu Woodworking" in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, to make it luxuriously. It is carefully made with the perfect balance between the latest machinery and equipment and the handicrafts of craftsmen. The furniture with a strong presence of natural materials is located in the center of the living room, and it seems to give comfort and relaxation not only to family members but also to friends and acquaintances who visit.

A patchwork of natural wood that feels comfortable .

Patchwork of different tree species has a beautiful soft glow. Since it is a combination of materials of different grades, it is not easy to process, and it is produced with high technology. Despite its small size of W800 x D550, it is spacious and spacious enough for a couple of people to drink tea. Since it is thick, it firmly supports even a little heavy object.

Warmth in the living room with a soothing wooden texture .

Under the table, a shelf that is ideal for a TV remote control or newspaper holder is convenient. The shelves finished with oak wood are made up of three boards of different widths, and are sized to ensure space for your feet. Although it has an appropriate thickness, it gives a smart impression, and it has a smooth line finish with the lower part of the edge scraped off like the top plate.

A rounded shape with a calm color of oak .

The base of the furniture is made of oak, which has a calm color that makes it easy to match with other furniture. The corners of the top plate are round, and the underside of the edges is also neatly scraped off, creating a soft and gentle design. The size is not too big and is just right for the living room. We have conducted strength tests, so you can rest assured that it is durable enough to withstand some weight.


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