Taisetsu Trico Cabinet

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W600 x D350 x H1120mm
Oak / walnut / birch wood
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A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the …


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the first year of your purchase, please contact us immediately. We will respond politely. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If the product is damaged due to normal use within the warranty period, we will repair and handle it free of charge.


Taisetsu Woodworking / Trico 60 Cabinet


The vivid accent of natural wood is a natural color design nurtured by the forest.

The "Toriko 60 Cabinet" is a playful cabinet that is made up of a well-balanced combination of three different types of trees, and is fun to use colorful natural wood.
Named Trico from the French tricolor (combination of three colors), this series is based on the beautiful flowing oak wood grain, with a natural design accented with hippopotamus and walnut. Just by having it, it makes the living room, which tends to be heavy, a bright atmosphere.
We use the finest oak wood carefully selected by the furniture maker "Taisetsu Woodworking" in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, to make it luxuriously. It is carefully made with the perfect balance between the latest machinery and equipment and the handicrafts of craftsmen. This cabinet, which gives off the natural colors of natural wood, not only makes storage fun, but it also makes the room a fashionable space just by being there, and it seems to calm people's hearts.


A texture that harmonizes mystery and individuality .

Even in a monotonous, less colorful space, it has a presence that brightens the interior as a fascinating cabinet. The left side of the door is covered with glass so you can see the contents, so you can display and enjoy your favorite interior goods. It is convenient because you can freely organize and store books and small items according to their height. Since the paint is urethane-painted, it is resistant to water and does not require regular maintenance or maintenance. You can enjoy coordination by placing vases and foliage plants without hesitation.


Lean design and storage capacity.

In addition to being able to store the door properly when it is shown and hidden, both have no decorations such as knobs on the door, and the upper part of the door is chamfered for easy access, and it has a neat design with no protrusions. The upper top plate has three-sided rising plates on the left, right, and back, and is designed to help prevent falling, so it is a convenient space for placing small pots of foliage plants. It is finished with urethane coating that is resistant to water and dirt, so you can water it with confidence.


A well-balanced size.

There are two movable shelves in each door, and it is convenient because you can adjust the height size of the shelves. There is also a drawer at the bottom, which features a well-balanced storage capacity. The legs have a space with an appropriate height of 100 mm, so it is easy to clean. The paint is finished with urethane paint, which is characterized by being resistant to dirt and stains and being relatively easy to clean. The well-balanced design of natural materials blends naturally into any living room or dining room without over-claiming individuality.


Internal dimensions
① Drawer W534 × D287 × H127mm
② Door W346 × D311 × H755mm
2 movable shelves
③ Door W194 × D311 × H755mm
2 movable shelves

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