Taisetsu Trico Side table

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W450 x D350 x H600mm
Oak / walnut / birch wood
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A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the …


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the first year of your purchase, please contact us immediately. We will respond politely. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If the product is damaged due to normal use within the warranty period, we will repair and handle it free of charge.


Taisetsu Woodwork / trico Trico 45 Side Table


A unique combination of three colors.

Named after the French tricolor (combination of three colors), this series is a side table that is active in various scenes with a pop design that makes use of the look of furniture without intentionally making the three types of trees the same width. is.
The top plate is luxuriously made so that you can enjoy the colors of three types of trees: oak, which is characterized by an elegant light pink hippopotamus and light brown wood grain, and dark brown walnut, which is a standard for luxury furniture. Using the finest oak wood carefully selected by the furniture maker "Taisetsu Woodworking" in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment are carefully made with the perfect balance of handicrafts by furniture craftsmen. I will.
When used in combination with the Toriko sofa of the same series, the height of the top plate and armrests match perfectly, creating a comfortable living space. Also, it is a gem recommended not only for those who want to use the front of the sofa widely, but also for those who want to keep essentials such as watches, magazines and glasses as a bedside table.


A patchwork pattern woven by natural wood.

The patchwork pattern, which combines different tree species, is like a painting. You can see that it is manufactured by the high processing technology of craftsmen. In addition, one of the pleasures is the "aging" that is unique to solid wood. As the years go by, the color becomes deeper and becomes a memorable piece of furniture.


Complex details packed with commitment.

The top plate is supported by slender legs and a complicatedly shaped curtain plate. The crossed curtain plate has a reinforcing material attached to the center of the intersection, and has a structure that is more resistant to twisting. Therefore, even slender legs that look delicate at first glance can withstand some weight and are strong enough to pass the strength test. The intricate details that you rarely see are packed with craftsmanship.


A size that is well-established for its ease of use.

The top plate of this table has two rounded corners and two square corners. The square shape is not chamfered, so when it is attached to the wall, it can be brought close together without any gaps. In addition, the round shape is designed to be safe so that it does not point sharp corners at people walking around by pointing it toward the aisle, such as when using it next to a sofa. The size of the top plate is just the right size to store a drink for one person or a book to be read, and it has a good reputation for ease of use.


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