Funamoco started in 1967 as a furniture maker that design and manufacturing wooden shelf/storage/cabinet furniture in Gero City, Gifu Prefecture. Their "moco" series can be modeled in different colors and have a complete assortment of new style collection.

The series includes FREEDOM - Double-sided shelf freely adjustable as display cabinets, bookcases, partitions, etc. COMIC - By placing the shelf board of the bookcase back and forth, you can make an innovative organized storage where you can see the book behind. You can also choose with a glass door. JUST SHELF - It is appearance of ultra-thin 22cm depth shelving and storage system. LATTICE - Long seller product that has been long supported since its launch in 2000. LIVING SHELF - System furniture with building blocks that can be changed in style according to changes in daily life.

フナモコは、岐阜県下呂市で木製の棚・収納・キャビネット家具を設計・製造する家具メーカーとして1967年にスタートしました。 彼らの「モコ」シリーズは、さまざまな色でモデル化でき、新しいスタイルのコレクションの完全な品揃えがあります。