Furniture is no longer just a “storing” tool, but it has become an important part of space. It's no exaggeration to say that furniture is part of having a comfortable living environment. The needs of customers who are particular about design, color, material and size as well as functions are diversified every day.

MARUTA MOKKO has always been proposing and pursuing new lifestyles, with unique designs and plans that can be reflected in customer's requirements, aiming for consistent production at our own factory. We are aiming to create products that can be used in all situations, utilizing the technology that has been used for luxury furniture.

Trees with annual growth rings have a rustic feel, beautiful grain, and a gentle texture. Its natural appearance will warmly wrap and heal our hearts. Our products are carefully selected only from high-quality parts of the trees, so the finish and durability are exceptionally different.
Because it is furniture with a lifetime, we have a thorough commitment to choosing materials.

Maruta Mokko

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