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SHIMIZU MOKUZAI originated from the manufacture of beekeeping materials and now also produce wooden baths, sushi-okes, ohitsus and barrels, with a successful track record of over 70 years of foundation.

Wooden products made by Shimizu Mokuzai are born from the local timber of Kiso in Nagano.
"Kisoji is all in the mountains." As it is said in the passage of "Yoakemae" of Shimazaki Touson. Kiso has been blessed with an abundance of forests since ancient times, and people have been using wood to improve their livelihood since then.
At Shimizu Mokuzai, of the precious trees called "The Five Great Trees of Kiso", we mainly use Hinoki, Sawara and Kouyamaki to make our products.

Always thinking of our customers’ health and lifestyle with all the products we make.
An Ohitsu that makes rice delicious just by preserving it.
A Sushi-oke that can remove moisture appropriately and cook sushi deliciously.
A relaxing moment that warms to core of your body with mellow hot water of Hinoki wooden bath. 


Shimizu Mokuzai Bathtub

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