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A completely new style that combines Eastern and Western tastes.
A unique design image with beauty in formality.

Comfortable and easy to use, yet beautiful.
It has the presence of a modern object.

FUSIONE is made-to-order furniture with a design concept based on the Latin word ``fusion''.

"FUSIONE" is a made-to-order brand that was created on the 65th anniversary of Morita Interior's founding.
This is Morita Interior's high-quality domestic series, which was started with the idea of ​​creating something even better and more beautiful with more time and effort than previous products.

East and West, formality and modernity, ease of living and individuality...
We hope that this series, born from the idea of ​​combining one thing with another to create something new, embodies the true fusion of people, the environment, and living space design. That's what I think.


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